Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Supervision Committee of Sudanese Nationals Residing Irregularly in Saudi Arabia Holds Meeting

Khartoum-The committee assigned with supervising the return of the Sudanese nationals who violated residence systems has held its third meeting for the year 2017 at the Secretariat of the Sudanese Working Abroad chaired by Karar Al Tuhami, the Secretary General of the Secretariat, and the members repreenting the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Labour and Administrative Reform, Ministry of Education and the National Intelligence & Security Service.
The meeting discussed mechanisms for the return of the Sudanese nationals violating residency in Saudi Arabia, the arranegments, enlisting and coordination with the related agencies dometsically.
The meeting concluded with the need of broadening particpation base in the process of restoring the violators from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like Zakat Chamber, in addition to addressing the Ministry of Finance in consultation with the International Organization of Nigration and communities in Saudi Arabia with regards to some administrative and financial arrangements.