Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Al Brieir: Industrial Development Act Can Organize Industry and Protect It From Interventions

Khartoum -  Chairman of the Industrial Chambers Union Mamoun Al Bireir has affirmed that Industry Act  can be  very much depended on in organizing  industry , protection from interventions and realizing sustainable development.
He noted that the Act is now in its final stages and it will work towards coordination between the states and the industrialists and will protect from interventions and undermining of industry while it will be one point for the industrialists to deal with.
He said while addressing the events of  “made in Sudan” fair yesterday morning at fairs land in Buri neighborhood , that the aspired for development will not be established without the efforts of the industrialists and Industry will lead the economy as the governmental program is focusing on people’s livelihood via availing opportunity and providing funding and protection for realizing lots of targets.
He hailed the effort of those in charge of the fair for putting  the  label of made in Sudan on the packages and going ahead with the progress via gathering the industrialists and producers trough partnership with the union for the advancement of industry and its products.