Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Health Ministry: Watery Diarrhea Cases Decreased in All States

Khartoum- Federal Minister of Health has announced shrinkage of cases of water diarrhea across all the states of Sudan

particularly the White Nile State thanks to the interventions conducted by his ministry.
The minister outline zero registration (no new cases) in the states of Kassala , the Red Sea  and the Blue Nile while the number of registered cases up to yesterday across all the states have totaled 257 cases  and registration of one death case at the White Nile state out of a total of 97 registered cases at the State.
The Minister disclosed recording 74 cases in Khartoum State , 26 cases in each of the states of Gedarif and Northern State , 22 cases in the state of South Kordofan and 13 cases in Sennar state while the River Nile state recoded six cases,
Meanwhile the Minister issued a ministerial decision forming sectarian committee for encountering and following up spread of watery diarrhea in Sudan. The said committee is chaired by the State Minister at te Ministry of Health and the Undersecretaries of the Ministries of Finance and economic planning , media , Endowment,  Environment and  Natural resources , Undersecretary of the Ministry of water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity.