Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Al-Rahad Agricultural Corporation Replaces Four Pumps worth 4 Million Euros

Wad-Medani - (SUNA) The Director of Al-Rahad Agricultural Corporation Eng. Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed said that irrigation represents the challenges of the corporation, announcing in a statement to SUNA about the start of work in the replacement operations of 4 pumps at a cost of 4 million Euros as a first stage.
Engineer Ahmed admitted the slowness of removing the mud and weeds, pointing to the stability witnessed by the corporation at the present time despite the poor budgets, praising the continuous contributions of the Presidency of the Republic in the rehabilitation of the project, calling for the need to rehabilitate the asphalt roads within the project and pest control and prevention, especially the African worm as well as the commitment to applying technical packages, praising the role of the Agricultural Research Corporation.
The Director of Al-Rahad Agricultural Corporation announced that the plan of the 2017-2018 season targets cultivation of 120,000 feddans with the cotton crop as well as the soybean and maize crops. He called for the return of the money collection and the small irrigation channels to the project management and the standardization of cotton prices to prevent the leakage of the cotton produced by the project, announcing cessation of wheat cultivation with the commitment to encourage the pioneers who grow it in limited areas.