Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Ministry of Trade Receives General Secretariat of Accession to WTO

Khartoum: (Khalda Alias) Minister of Trade Hatim Alsir has pledged to provide the necessary support and continuous coordination with all the relevant agencies and exert every effort for accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) calling on all to be patient over the challenges and overcome the impediments hampering accession until they become to increase production and productivity and increase their competitiveness so that the state may be able to deal with outside world under better conditions.
The minister hailed during the hand over the secretariat which took place at the Council of Ministers , the negotiator of the General Secretariat of Accession to WTO Mr. Idris Suleiman the Minister of International Cooperation in whose era the secretariat has thrived whereby he took steady steps towards accession stressing that the accession operation is almost completed.
For his part Idris Suleiman affirmed that this file has a specialty  and high priority at the Ministry of Trade hailing the expertise and  the qualified cadre at the accession secretariat calling for contribution with studies and exchange of view points between the ministry and the relevant agencies so that accession may be speeded up