Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Political Parties in Gezira State Denounce US Suspension of Lifting Sanctions

Khartoum - (SUNA) The National Congress Party in Gezira state said that the Sudan has been sincerely cooperating with the international community according to its initial convictions in fulfillment to its obligations and commitments under international law, which are used in all tracks with the United States to build a stable relationship.
The party's information secretary noted that keeping the sanctions on the Sudan is a significant damage to the positive development and improvement of relations between the two countries, and encourages those who reject peace and arms campaigners to continue the rebellion and destabilize the security and stability in the country.
He hailed the President of the Republic decision for the freeze of the work of the government committee for dialogue with the US, describing in as brave.
Meanwhile, the political rapporteur of the Democratic Unionist Party (the origin) in Gezira state, Omer Sirul-Khatim has belittled the decision of suspension of the sanctions lifting.
In the same context, the chairman of Al Ribat National party in Gezira state, Badwi Al Sharief, described the decision as "shameful decision" and contrary to all speculation.
Al-Sharif said that the sanctions unjustly imposed on Sudan are merely targeting the security and stability of the country.
He indicated that Sudan has met all its commitments according to the report of the International Crisis Group in January 2017, in combating terrorism, the military activity and hostilities in the conflicts areas, the facilitation of access of humanitarian aid and the treatment of regional conflicts, he declared his party's support for the decision of the President of the Republic for freezing work of the committee for dialogue with the US.