Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

First Vice President to Inaugurate Projects for Developing Industrial Sector

Khartoum - First Vice President of the Republic, Prime Minister 1st Lt. General Bakri Hassan Saleh will inaugurate at Al Bagair region south of Khartoum the celebration of the

national day of industrialization in which a number of factories will be inaugurated and announcement of a number of projects that support industry.
State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdu Dawoud Suleiman said marking this is day is an evaluation to what was reached by the national industries. He added that what we aspire for through strategic targets related to integration of industrial sectors , funding exports, operating the suspended factories  and removing the challenges  disrupting them.
He highlighted to Sudan Vision the most important results of the assessment of the performance of the national project for sustainable industrial development during the first half of this year. He stressed that more than 26700 trainees were trained including different segments and categories.
He said specialist consultative have visited the suspended factories across the states of Sudan to determine the causes of suspension which were  represented in financing,  technical obsolescence and other legal and social  causes noting that they have presented practical solution for re-operating  the factories.
Dawoud affirmed that the Ministry of Industry has adopted the action plan  which is based on transforming Sudan into an industrial country and benefiting form all the existing resources;    in addition to its endeavor to develop the industrial regions and cities and transform them gradually into industrial parks.
For his part the President of Industrial chambers Union Muawia Al-Bireir said the First Vice President's Programme includes inaugurating a number of projects in Soba and Khartoum North while the official celebration of the industrial day will be in Al Bagair industrial region.
He told Sudan Vision that they are expecting the setting out and start of a number of projects related to industry and other services
He said there are positive advantages realized in the sphere of industry while there are hindrances which will be put forward for finding solutions to them towards promoting the industrial sector.