Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Commerce Ministry Vows to Deal Decisively with Mafia of Gum Arabic Smuggling

Omdurman - The Minister of Commerce, Hatim Alsir has vowed to deal decisively with the issue of smuggling Gum Arabic saying that the government is endeavoring to settle

this issue for laying down security polices and measures leading to the firm closure of points for curbing smuggling Gum Arabic to the neighborhood countries
Alsir said in the Workshop of Gum Arabic and Prospects of Industry and Marketing said the real economy of exports is based on industry and industrializing Gum Arabic is the gateway for industry and increasing the value added and hence increasing exports returns and reforming the balance of trade.
He affirmed the attention of the national accord government to realizing a breakthrough in Gum Arabic produce and raising export and production rates.   
He stressed the readiness of the government to overcome all the hindrances and challenges that disrupts raising production stressing the state capability of curbing smuggling for preserving the national economy.
Al sir demanded the participants in the workshop to come up with recommendations that assist the state in managing Gum Arabic sector and work towards organizing producers in addition to laying down  restrictions for curbing smuggling and  maximizing the role of trade
For his part Minister of Industry Musa Karama has affirmed that the issue of Gum Arabic is a complicated issue and the talk about it  is distressful.
He said the issue of organizing producers is the number one issue as this issue must be examined to progress in conformity with one law that support the producers and organize.