Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Deputy Chief of Joint Staff Stands on Sudan Preparation for Hosting EASF Drill

Khartoum - The Deputy Chief of Joint Staff, Lt. Gen. Yahya Mohamed Khair stood on ongoing preparation s for hosting the training exercise of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF), scheduled in November at Gabait in the Red Sea State.

The Deputy Chief of Joint Staff met with the Governor of the Red Sea State and handed him over a message from Minister of Defense and the Chief of Joint Staff to acquaint him with the project, and the size of the troops, referring to several activities accompanying the exercise.

In the same context, the Deputy Chief of Staff inspected infrastructures, public facilities, offices, barracks and halls at Infantry Institute and non-commissioned officers’ school at Gabait and Sinkat set for hosting the forces participating in the drill, saying he has made sure that arrangements are going well.

He revealed that visits would be paid to Gabiat area to stand on the final arrangements for conducting the exercise, referring to huge benefits that the Armed Forces and Sudan would gain from this military exercise.

Commander of Infantry Institute at Gabait , Maj. Gen. Nasra-Eddin Abdul-Qayoum, for his part, underlined that the Institute capabilities would be devoted for success of the project , disclosing that preparations pertinent to accommodating the troops participating the drill , airstrips , kitchens and yards set for celebrations have been checked.

He appreciated supports provided by Ministry of Defense and Chief of Staff for success of the exercise, affirming that preparations are going as they were planned.

It worth mentioning that the countries which will take part in the November military drill are Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya , Burundi , Rwanda , Seychelles , Comoros and Djibouti.