Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Al Bashir Acquainted with Return of Sudanese Nationals from Saudi Arabia

Khartoum - President of the Republic, Field marshal Omer Al Bashir has reiterated the state attention to the issues of the Sudanese nationals working abroad and enabling

the concerned agencies to perform their required role in this regard in a perfect manner.
He directed,  while meeting at the Republican Palace Dr. Karar Al Tuhami , the Secretary General of Secretariat of  Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA), to effect more attention to the returning Sudanese nationals, while  he was reassured on the situation of the emergency return of the Sudanese nationals form Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
Al Tuhami said, in a press statements, that  the meeting has reviewed means for benefiting from the Sudanese qualified cadres retuning form Saudi Arabia and their big potentialities for transferring knowledge and working towards their stability inside the country to contribute in the progress of the  national economic build up and the role of the expatriate economists in building the homeland.
He outlined the attention of the President of the Republic to the role of the Sudanese nationals in the countries in which they reside in setting a good example, the  ethical behavior and dedication to work reflecting the good image of Sudan to the outside world.
Al Tuami has affirmed enrollment of all the returnees who are in the age of education in to schools without hindrances disclosing a plan in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor  and the private institutions for the indigenizing  the returning expertise in a manner that is of benefit to the pubic and the private sectors.
He highlighted a field study and statistics conducted by Migration and Development Center at the Sudanese working Abroad Bureau for studying all the ideas of the qualified cadres and indigenize them  so that it may assist the state and the community.