Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Sudanese American Friendship Society Organizes Protest Stand for Lifting Sanctions

Khartoum - The American-Sudanese Friendship Society in Khartoum is to organize in coordination with society in America with participation of the Sudanese community in Washington a protest stand in front of the White House tomorrow Thursday for lifting the economic sanctions for demanding the lifting of sanctions from Sudan in a permanent manner.
Chairman of the society in Khartoum Dr. Abdulmajid Abdulgadir has noted that the Sudanese people are bearing the brunt of the sanctions  adding that the damaging effects of the blockade will continue for generations to come
He affirmed that they will demand lifting the sanctions so that the Sudanese people may enjoy a decent livelihood calling the people to unify their rank and efforts for lifting the blockade as the sole victim will be the Sudanese people.
Representative of the society in Washington has demanded the Sudanese community in Washington and the neighboring states to participate and there will be buses in New York at the gathering points.