Current Date:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

65 Thousand Tons Total Exports of Country's Gum Arabic by End of Year

Khartoum -  (SUNA) The Secretary General of the gum Arabic Council, Dr. Abdul-Majid Abdul-Gadir underlined that the country's total exports of gum Arabic nearly 65

thousand tons.
In a statement to SUNA, Abdul-Majid, considered this amount the normal rate of the country's exports during the past years, confirming the decline of the country's exports of Al-Hashab gum that estimated at 12 thousand tons in the middle of this year.
He attributed the decline in this type of gum to the local high demand especially after the beginning of the operation of spray powder factories in Sudan, which consumes amounts of Al-Hashab gum.
He noted to the remarkable high exports of Al-Talh gum and the decrease of Al-Hashab gum exports, besides all the quantities smuggled to neighboring countries, he indicated the good progress in the country's exports of gum Arabic, with an increasing demand, calling for taking required security and administrative measures, to protect the country's wealth of gum Arabic, referring to the security issues, and administrative complications which are unrelated to production issues.