Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday  22nd  March 2017
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Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 22nd March 2017

* Salva Kiirs Calls on Agar, Al-Hilu and Arman to Meet in Juba Next Week.
* NISS Seizes Counterfeit Network.
* Khartoum and Cairo Reject Unacceptable Violations to Either Country or People.
* Education Ministry Affirms Stability in Sudan School Certificate Exams.

Akhir Lahza
* Finance Ministry: No Increase in Sorghum Concentrated Price.
* Cooperatives Movement Calls for More Concessions.
* Tunisian Prime Minister Arrives in Khartoum.
* Military Talks between Sudan and Malaysia.

* Al-Hilu Accepts the US Proposal on Humanitarian Access with Some Amendments.
* Medical Supplies Corporation Prepares to Open Modern Stores for Medicine.
* NCP: Most of the Political Parties Handed Its Nominations in the Government.
* Sudan Elected Deputy Chairman of NGOs Committee in the UN.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Al-Jaz Announces the Start of New Airport Construction by China.
* Sudan Prepares to Export Gum Arabic to US Markets.
* 300 S. Sudan Refugees Arrive White Nile State Daily.
* Hikes in Crops’ Prices in Gedaref Market.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* NISS Arrest 11 Persons on Counterfeit Crimes.
* Cairo Calls on Khartoum to Stop Media Escalation.
* NCP: Verifications behind the Delay of Announcing the New Government.
* India Calls on Juba Rebels to Release two Indians.
* Tourism Minister Discusses with Qatari Ambassador Archeological Projects.
* Committee Shoulders Opposition Responsible for Universities’ Violence.
* Government Discusses East Africa Emergency Force.
* Tunisian –Sudanese Ministerial Committee Meets.

* House Arrest Minister in South Sudan Escapes.
* Agricultural Bank of Sudan Accepts Reviewing the Indebted Farmers Cases.
* 13 Persons Die by Famine in Bahr el-Ghazal.
* Animal Resources Ministry Prepares for Animal Livestock Census.

* Diplomacy Intervenes to Contain Political Crisis between Khartoum and Cairo.
* Fears from Spread of Weapons in South Kordofan.
* Kassala Police Releases 11 Hostages from Human Traffickers.