Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 21st June, 2017
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Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 21st June, 2017

* Summit between Al Bashir and King Salman in Makkah.
* Defence Ministry: Talk about Coup Attempt WhatsApp Rumours.
* NISS Returns 8 Sudanese Kids from Libya.
* Sudan Appoints Legal Consultants in Washington on Lifting of Sanctions.

Akhir Lahza
* Army Executes Anti-terrorism Drills in Darfur.
* Higher Education: Applications to Universities after Eid Holidays.
* NCP Nominates Heads of Parliament Committees.
* Sudan Offers 200 Investment Projects to Brazil.

* Storms Damage 7 Power Stations.
* Sources: Juba Supports Sacking of Agar.
* 25% Increase in Travel Fairs.
* NCP Preserved 50% of Parliament Committees.

* Agricultural Band Director: We Financed 10 Million Acres this Season.
* University of Khartoum Hostels Evacuated.
* Two Families Missed in London Tower Fire.
* Abdul Rahman Al-Mahdi Visits Vulnerable Families in Karrari Locality.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Sudan Accepts Caring for Yemen Interests in Qatar.
* Rains Hinder Road Transport.
* Electricity: Storms and Rains Causes the Blackouts.
* Minnawi Calls on SPLM-N to Avoid Splintering.

* Security and Defence Committee Recommends Upgrading Civil Aviation.
* Buses Chamber: 2 Million Citizens Depart Khartoum to the States in Eid Holidays.
* US Charge d’ Affaires Visits S. Sudan Refugees Camps in East Darfur.
* FVP Chairs First Agricultural Season High Committee.

* 6 Sudanese Females Arrested in Libya for Jointing ISIS.
* Higher Education Admits Obstacles on Electronic Admission.
* UN: Conflict in South Sudan Became War between Two Rivals.
* Bakri: Investment is the Only Way out to Increase Production.

* Parliament Approves General Prosecutions Act.
* Higher Education: Unification of Admission Fees.
* Gedarif in Complete Blackout, Storms Damage 34 Transmission Lines.

* Al-Sisi Accuses Foreign Parties of Supporting Armed Groups.
* Abu Garda: More than 240 Agencies Working in Health Sector.
* Minister of Culture Launches Ramadan Programme for Innovators.