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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Coexistence of Religions in Sudan

If we are going to talk about the most distinguish thing in Sudan, without hesitation we will say the large area and the great diversity of races and religions. Most of the people hear in Sudan as we know are Muslims while the rest of the others are Pagans and Christians.
 If we are going to ask this question why Islam religion is most dominant here in Sudan, the answer will be that Islam find it way to Sudan in a very early centuries and large number converted to it after the domination of Christianity for a long time before that, and the number of Muslims start to grow during the years. Moreover if we look from another angle and ask why Christianity is found in specific areas or special category of people the answer is going to be that, if we look back to the history of Sudan specially the colonial era we will find that this era had a great effect when it comes to religion distribution in Sudan, and that happened because the colonization in Sudan had strategy called the closed area strategy  which allow Christianity to be dominant in specific places such as south Sudan and Nuoba mountains.
Despite the fact that Islam is most dominant religion but still Sudan had a great reputation when it comes to coexistence of religions and this all because of the kind, tolerant, peaceful and generous personality of Sudanese citizens, beside that Sudanese citizens have a main concepts which is respecting others rights and believes.
Colonization of Sudan had left many negative things but the good thing that religions coexistence had never been affected by that, but sadly all the people and the media believe in the fact that all the conflicts and wars that Sudan had been experiencing happened because of the religions, which is completely false and it have nothing to do with the truth, the truth is Sudan went through wars based on political views.
Stability of religions in Sudan could be describe by many ways but in this article I will describe it in 4 points
* The large numbers of refuges, who came from different part of Africa, most of them are not Muslims, but they found away to leave in Sudan and they were able to practice their religions with a complete freedom.
*   The large numbers of Mosque and churches in every city or village in Sudan, and when a religious event or day come Sudanese citizens start to congratulate and give their blessing to each other in a very warm beautiful peaceful way. Moreover the celebration of religious days or events is not just for normal people even the government will send a representative to greet and to congratulate on behave of the government.
* Education, we all know that education is only things that brings people together because there is no way or facilities to make a special schools or universities for specific religion, all the people take the same curriculums.
* The existence of ministry of welfare and social security and ministry of endowments, both give a great support to all religions institutions here in Sudan.
To conclude Sudan is blessed by a great, peaceful religions coexistence and all the citizens are the same and equal in all rights.