Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Antalya Hosts Mass Media Conference

Antalya -- The Turkish city of Antalya has seen the gathering of 130 journalists from 44 countries to participate in the media conference organized

by Turkish Radio and TV (TRT) in collaboration with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency.
“The aim of the conference; besides exchange of information and gaining skills, is to create specially relations among journalists from around the world,” Senol Goka, the Manager of TRT said while addressing the opening ceremony of the conference.
He pointed to difficulties Turkish has gone through over the past in the wake of a failed coup by the opposition Fatahallah Golan group.
He added that cooperation among participants in the conference would yield positive results.  Goka reiterated the remarks of Turkish president Raccep Tayeb Erdogan that the world is greater than the five members of the UN Security Council are, that they [Turkish government] are moving in that context to clarify such concept.
He noted that the people stood up to defending their democracy they have chosen despite the initial panic caused by the coup.  
Goka warned the dangers of the growth of Golan group in some countries, drawing the countries’ attention to security and stability threats by Golan group to those countries.
Erkan Durdu, the deputy manager of TRT, welcomed the participants, adding that event would provide a great opportunity for the journalist to share experience and information in addition establishing communication bonds among them.
He added that the conference would look at problems to the media under a breath-0takibng technological development.
Durdu slammed the Western media coverage of the failed coup, adding that the people of his country have set an example for preserving democracy while media outlets in the West downplayed such brave experiment demonstrated by the Turks.
The participants received more than 24 lectures on TV and cinema production in addition the employment of soundtrack on radio and TV series, documentary produced by (TRT) on Palestinian refugee camps in Sysrria and Syrian refugees in Jordon.
 Movies presented to the audience included “Sea Echo” as well as other Turkish award-winning works. The Turkish English version of (TRT) is currently broadcasting on different satellites using digital technology. The Turkish Radio and TV Corporation is also in Turkish youth. 
The deputy director of Anatolia news agency revealed that the agency produces more than 2000 news items daily in Spanish, Indonesian and Arabic through its 35 regional offices around the works, and currently working for opening its office in Saudi Arabia. 
The participants were also provided with basic Turkish course during their stay in the country.
The Antalya media conference drew significant participants from Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Jordon, Palestine, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon and other Asian countries.
At the closing ceremony, the participant expressed their thanks and appreciations to the organizers of the conference for providing them with the opportunity to visit the country, get acquainted with Turkish media heritage, culture, and most importantly meeting and sharing experiences with fellow journalist from different part of the world.