Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Women MPs Champion 16-Day Nationwide Campaign to Oppose Violence against Women

Khartoum -- Sudanese National Women MPs Group has launched a 16-day campaign against violence against women to advocate

the woman issues in Sudan in coordination with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security.
The event comes within various activities organized by UN Population Fund in partnership with partners in Khartoum and the states to promote reproductive health awareness and women’s right to reproductive health issues, fighting female genital mutilation, child marriages through the involvement of all community sectors – popular and official.
Papers were presented at a workshop specially held for anti-women violence focused on legal frameworks and scientific papers on reproductive health for mothers and infants. Attendees in the workshop included the representative of the Ministry of Education, the UN Population Fund, the media and a number of community figures. 
Sudan has made it its customary to mark anti-violence against women since November, which also coincides with World HIV/AIDS day. Events will be wrapped up by celebrating Human Rights Day during which various awareness campaigns will take place across the regions of Sudan.
This year’s celebration comes under the theme of: Together for Providing Resources for Education, Health and Protection Women against Violence.  
 A tremendous progress has been achieved in 2015 regarding amendment to the as Articles (149), (151) of the criminal code in favor of empowering and protecting women.
Campaigning for fighting violence against women have created a positive moves in the community and institution  -- especially an initiative by the First Lady for combating child marriage launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Endowments.
All of these activities aim to create good environment for championing similar campaigns to ensure the protection of women and child rights, and minimize child-mother mortality.
In collaboration with the UN Population Fund, similar reproductive awareness activities are underway in the states, involving Sudanese civil society and other international organizations and the UN agencies to promote women rights in tandem with the celebrations of the 16-day national campaign for combating violence against women, and the world human rights day on 12 December 2016. 
The organizers of the workshop availed themselves of the opportunity to honor Lina Musa, the representative of the UN Population Fund for Sudan in acknowledgement and recognition of her continuous support for Sudanese National Women MPs bloc.
In her remarks, Ms. Musa noted that the UN Fund aims to support all efforts to drafting legislations and policies for protecting women and children, pointing to the government’s national strategy to eradicate child marriage and girls’ circumcision.
She announced that the UN Population Fund represented in the Sudan office would render support to the government to set up a strategy for combating gender-based violence as well as setting up measures for a national strategy for reproductive health, including full support for women and girls.