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Monday, 23 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday 27th December, 2016 (2)

* Al Bashir Meets National Dialogue Mechanism to Discuss Joining the Parties to the Parliament.
* Military Talks between Sudan and Saudi Arabia.
* Parliament Endorses Constitutional Amendments in General Features Stage.
* Parliament Extends Sessions for Additional Three Weeks.

* Meeting in Khartoum to Contain Gezira State Crisis.
* Disputes among NUP Leaderships in White Nile State.
* Parliament Listens to the Report of Budget Committee.
* Ministry of Transport Signs the Contract of Nyala-Buram Highway Construction.
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Akhbar Al-Youm
* Ali Osman: NCP Faces the Test of Leaving Seats in Power-share.
* Finance Minister Denies News Reports on Defence Budget Amount.
* Red Sea Governor Encourages Conventional Mining.
* Discussion with US Administration Might Lead to Lifting Sanctions on Sudan.

* 387 MPS Vote in Favour of Constitutional Amendments, 5 Objections.
* SPLM-N Kidnaps Pupils and Forcefully Recruit Them in South Kordofan.
* 649 AIDS Cases in South Darfur.
* MP Advises President to Select Ministers below 50 Years of Age.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Taha Calls on NCP to Give Others Chance.
* Sudanese/Saudi Military Coordination to Confront Terrorism and Challenges.
* Government Directs Companies to Abide tby 2015 Ordinance.
* FVP Directs Adapting the Political Culture.

* Museveni Renews Contacts with Darfur Armed Groups.
* FVP: National Dialogue Is A Genuine Part of Sudanese Culture.
* Hassabo: No Alternative to Peace, Darfur Is recovering.
* Karouri Affirms His Ministry’s Efforts to Upgrade Performance.

* High Coordinative Mechanism to Discuss with Al Bashir the Formation of Next Government.
* Cabinet Announces Sunday Holiday on the Occasion of Independence Anniversary
* Sudan and Ethiopia Agree on Activating Joint Cooperation Mechanisms.
* Parliament Reveals Tabling a New Presidential Decree.

* Finance Minister: We Will Spend on Both Peace and War.
* NCP Leading Figure: Citizens Are Paying the Cost of Our Welfare.
* MP Calls for the Step-down of MPs Instead of Recruiting More.
* 2.6 Million Impregnated Mosquito Nets within Roll Back Malaria Campaign.