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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Saturday 31st December, 2016

* Parliamentary Committee Asks for Detailed Statement on the Taxation Deficit.
* Khartoum to Ban Plastic Sacks as of January 30th.
* Government Delegation: SPLM-N Is Playing on a Losing Card.
* Communications Ministry Starts Work to Cover 200 Remote Areas.

* Two Areas Talks to Resume January 5th.
* Cabinet Direct SSMO to Review All Agreements with China.
* 5400 Sudanese Nationals Asks for Political Asylum in France.
* Crimes Rate in North Darfur Decline by 90%.
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Akhabar Al-Youm
* NCP Shura Council Meets, Leading Figure Describes the Meeting as Important in the History of Sudan.
* Ahmed Saad Omer: Constitutional Amendments Are Considered the Actual Guide towards the Implementation of the National Dialogue Outcomes.
* FVP Witnesses in Gedarif Harvest Festivals.
* SRF Starts Attempts to Unify the Opposition Entities.

* American from Sudanese Origins Appointed Advisor to US Secretary of State.
* Amin Banai: Deep State Threatens the National Dialogue Outcomes.
* Isam Al Bashir Warns the Government against Power-share with Political Addicts.
* Hilal Announced 5 New  States in Sustainable Administration of Natural Resources.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* 30 Thousand Citizens Suffer Thirst in Gezira State.
* Shogar: Actual Independence by Increasing Production.
* Hassabo Inspects the Final Arrangements for Independence Anniversary.
* SDG58 Million for Jebel Marra Project Rehabilitation.
* Ibrahim Mahmoud: We will Not Deal with the Civil Disobedience by Reactions.

* Dr. Al-Sisi: Allegation about War in Darfur Are Mere Illusions.
* Al Bashir to Address the Nation on Independence Anniversary.
* Abul Gasim Imam Movement Signs a Peace Deal in Doha.
* Mashair Al-Dawalab: We Deal with Poverty through Development Conception.

Akhir Lahza
* Eye Witness Reveals Information on the Moment of Lifting Independence Flag.
* Foreign Ministry Regrets for Not Crowing Sudan Movement by Lifting Sanctions.
* FVP: Tourism Is No More Luxury.
* Parliament Warns against Failure in the Budget.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Yassir Yousuf: Failure of Civil Disobedience Disappointed the Opposition.
* Government Releases 34 POWs of Abdulwahid’s  Breakaway Group in Central Darfur.
* CBOS Governor Reveals Features of the New Monetary Policies for 2017.
* NCP Shura Council to Discuss the Economic Procedures.