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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday 3rd January, 2016

* Government Allocates 15% in Legislative Councils to Participating Parties.
* CBOS Decides to Control Public Foreign Currency.
* Salva Kiir in Khartoum to Discuss the Outstanding Issues.
* Parliament to Summon Defence and Interior Ministers on Nirtiti Incidents.

* Government Accuses Abdulwahid Movement on Involvement in Nertiti Incidents.
* Petroleum Minister; Khartoum Refinery to Refine 10,000 Barrels Daily
* National Dialogue Mechanism Delegates Al Bashir to Form the Government.
* Government Condemns Criminal Attack in Turkey.
Akhir Lahza
* Government Admits Selling Sudanese Real Estates in London.
* Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Receives Lt. Gen. Taha.
* Petroleum Ministry Announces Overcoming Obstacles facing Production Increase.

* Defence Minister: Nirtiti Incidents Police Case.
* Consumer Protection Society Calls for Approving National Law.
* 1500 Families in Kassala Protest against Removing Parts of their Houses.
* Hassan Makki: Civil Disobedience Is the Second Test for the Government after Omdurman Sabotage Attempt.

* Al Bashir: States’ Governors Performance Evaluation Subject to their Efforts in Poverty Reduction.
* Sudanese Delegation to China on Debts.
* Kerry: I Hope Peace, Reconciliation and Development in Sudan.
* Two Mining Agreements Signed in River Nile and S. Kordofan States.

Al-Ahram Al-Youm
* Sudan’s Consul in Aswan Intensifies Contacts on Returning the Sudanese Miners Properties.
* Al-Sisi Expects Tabling Freedoms Amendments after the Formation of the Government.
* Al-Sanousi: Al-Hassan Al-Mirghani Can Unify the Unionist Party.
* South Sudan Decides to Adapt Sudanese National Dialogue Experience.
Akhbar Al-Youm
* Firm Measures to Control the Health Insurance Drugs Flow.
* Deng Alor Meets Dinka Ngok Delegation in Khartoum.
* Justice Ministry Donates a Ward in Children Cancer Hospital.
* MPs Call for Repeating Trade Agreement with Ethiopia with other Neigboruing Countries.

* Hassabo Listed on Premier Post Nominations.
* Al Bashir Discusses with Alor the Expulsion of Sudanese Rebels from South Sudan.
* MP: Banning Borders Trade Caused Smuggling.
* Federal Rule Minister Calls on Youth to Increase Production.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Juba Sends Delegation to Register South Sudanese in Sudan.
* Public Transport Crisis in Khartoum.
* Government Reveals Social Responsibility Map.
* Khartoum Commissioner Affirms the Importance of Social Committees in Detecting Crimes.