Current Date:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 4th December, 2017

* Customs’ Dollar Exchange Rate Rises by 3%.
* Communications Starts Cutting Services from Unregistered Chips.
* Ghandour Affirms Abyei Is a Sudanese Territory.
* New MPs to Swear-in on 18th January.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Finance Minister: No New Taxations.
* White Nile Sugar Factory Launches 2nd Phase of Its Software.
* Lt. Gen. Taha Meets UAE Deputy Premier.
* Elections Law Tabled before the Parliament.
* Sudanese Universities Pull Out from Arab Union in Protest of Violations.
* Foreign Minister Admits Difficulties in Evacuating Sudanese in Libyan Borders.
* JEM Fails to Control an Oilfield in Libya.
* Parliament Summons Interior Minister on Foreign Presence in Mining Areas.

Akhir Lahza
* Washington Exports Modern Harvesters to White Nile Sugar Factory.
* Italy Affirms Supporting Sudan’s Efforts to Achieve Peace.
* Minerals Ministry and GIAD Agree on Manufacturing Fertilizers.
* 657 Tones Expected Sugar Production in 2017.

* FVP Pays a Surprise Visit to TV Station.
* Foreign Minister Receives Message from his Turkish Counterpart.
* Hassabo Directs Ministry of Education to Support Technical Education.
* Justice Minister Receives Integrity Report.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Finance Minister Visits Taxation Chamber on Budget.
* OCHA: 2500 IDPs Return to their Home Villages in North Darfur.
* Parliament Blames SPLM-N on Delaying Achieving Peace in the Two Areas.
* President to Address Africa International University Board of Trustees.

* Al-Sisi Tops the Nominees of Premier Post.
* NCP Expresses Reserve on US Administration Proposal.
* Ghandour Refutes Alor’s Statements on Abyei.
* Al Bashir Praises Zakat Chamber for Its Considerable Efforts.

* Cold Weather will Continue for Two Days.
* VP Directs Reviewing Press Council Structure.
* Bar Association Celebrates Independence Anniversary.
* Libyan Force Repulses JEM Troops Attack Near Jalo.

Al-Ahram Al-Youm
* Haftar and JEM Agree to Enter Ras Lanouf and Sidra.
* S. Sudan Leading Figure: Success of National Dialogue Subject to the Step down of Salva Kiir.
* 20 Thousand New Health Workers to Swear-in before Al Bashir
* Minister of Transport Announced the Withdrawal of the Chinese Company from Qastal Highway Construction on Security Reasons.