Current Date:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Saturday 7th January, 2017

* Presidency: New Government to Be Announced within Few Days.

* Kuwait Implements 57 Investment Projects in Sudan.
* NISS Arrests Biggest Counterfeiting Gang.
* More than 2500 New Cancer Cases In Gezira State.

Akhbar al-Youm
* Presidential Aide affirms Government’s Keenness on Unification of Ranks.
* President to Open New Service and Development Projects in Karrari Locality.
* JEM: We Didn’t Meet any Government Delegation Since the Suspension of Addis Ababa Talks.
* Government Calls on International Community to Press More on SPLM-N.
Al-Youm Al-Tali
* VP: Health Insurance Is A Strategic Goal.
* Trends to Form Joint Forces between Sudan and CAR.
* UAE Ambassador Calls for Adapting Moderate Islamic Approach.
* Mahmouad Al-Khazala Appointed New Jordanian Ambassador to Sudan.

* Sudan Islamic Scholar: Planting Tobacco is Ill-gotten.
*  FVP to Launch School Tournament.
* Hassabo: Identity Issue Resolved in the National Dialogue Process.
* Armed Group Set Fire in a Village in North Darfur.

* NCP Starts Consultation with Dialogue Parties on National Consensus Government.
* Juba Reject sKhartoum’s Sticking to Abyei till the Referendum.
* Al Bashir Donates SDG5 Million for the School Tournament.
* Nigeria Sends 800 Troops to Join the UNAMID.

* VP Stresses on Monitoring Free Drugs.
* More than 40 Trucks and 500 Passengers Cross Ishkeet Crossing.
* VP: Health Insurance Is the Top Programme of the Government.
* Libyan Ministry of Education to Send Delegation to Khartoum.

Akhir Lahza
* Ministry of Justice Sacks More Legal Advisors.
* Army Affirms Readiness to Defuse any Challenges Facing the National Consensus.
* Investigation Committee on Nertiti Incidents.
* SDG2.6 Million Allocated for Promoting Animal Resources Marketing.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Ibrahim Mahmoud: NCP Is At its Strongest Condition, Changing the Leaderships Is Necessary.
* NCP Calls on Its Membership to Provide More Concession in the Government.
* Workers Union Pledges to Preserve the Rights of the Craftsmen.
* Cabinet to Hold a Historical Session in Upper Atbara and Seteet Dams.