Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 11th January, 2017

* Rapid Support Forces will Close the Western Borders to Prevent Gold Smuggling.
* Belarus President to Visit Sudan
* Ghandour Leads Sudan Delegation to Francophone Summit in Mali.
* Government Proposes Transferring UNAMID Funds to Development, Health and Education.

* UNAMID Staff In El-Fashir Involved in Counterfeiting
* Presidency Adapts Merger of Newspapers.
* UK: Normalization of Relations with Khartoum Imminent.
* JEM Directs Activating Its Office in Cairo.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* UK Decides to Send Investment Companies to Sudan.
* Defence Minister Discusses the Rapid Support Forces Act.
* Foreign Ministry Denies Allegation of Sexual Harassment of a Sudanese Diplomat in the UN.
* Nirtiti Investigation Team Completes Mission.

* Report: Cairo, Juba and Kampala Agree to Support Sudan Rebel Groups.
* UK Calls on Sudanese Parties to Implement the Roadmap.
* Authorities Remove 11 Illegal Collection Points.
* Parliament Speaker Threatens the MPs to Extend the Round of the Council.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Khartoum Hospitals Lack Drugs and Emergency Requirements.
* London: Positive Development in Darfur Situation.
* NCP: We Will not Administer a Dialogue under the Table on the New Government.
* Atta Conveys Written Message from Al Bashir to Afwerki.

* Afwerki: Sudan Is the Security Valve for the Region and the Area.
* Health Ministry Calls for Banning Tobacco Plantation.
* Parliament Postpones Endorsing 4 Acts for the Lack of Quorum.
* Proposal to Support Merger of Newspapers.

Akhir Lahza
* CBOS Discusses Increasing Incentives to Sudanese Working Abroad.
* Smoke Rate among Females Reaches 20%.
* Splits Hit South Sudan Army.
* FVP Directs Increasing Oil Production.

* Al Mijhar Reveals Changes in the Government.
* Salva Kiir in Cairo: Al Bashir Pledged to Implement Peace Agreement with South Sudan.
* Finance Ministry: More Procedures to Transfer the Foreign Currency to Organized Market.
* South Darfur to Import Aircrafts and Cameras