Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 15th March 2017

* Sudan to Reopen Military Attaché’ in Washington of 28 Years of Closure

* UNICEF: Sheikha Moza Enrolled 600 Thousand Sudanese Kids in Education.
* FVP Directs Resolving Teaching Staff Allowances Crisis.
* EU: Our Talks with Sudanese Government Are Open and Constructive.

Akhir Lahza
* Popular Committee Chief Assassinated in South Omdurman Suburbs.
* Hummaida: AIDS Is No More Fearing.
* Parliament Sticks Not to Reduce NISS Powers.
* Hassabo: We Support the International Justice, Rejects Double Standards.

* EU Calls for Steps that Achieve Actual Change in Sudan.
* UN Report Accuses S. Sudan Leaders of Looting the Wealth of their Country.
* Khartoum Governor: Police Is Qualified to Control the Violations of Foreigners.
* Libyan PM to Visit Sudan Today.
* Leading Figure: Dialogue Is the Only Option for the Armed Groups.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* DUP Completes Consultations on Nominations for the New Government.
* NUP Sacks Leading Figures who Joined Mubarak Al-Fadil.
* SPLA Leading Figure: Situation in South Sudan Became Unbearable.
* PCP Expects the Formation of the Government within 15 Days.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Parliament to Investigate the Teachers’ Crisis.
* 1498 AIDS Cases in Khartoum in One Year!
* Preparations to Plant 3 Million Fruit Trees in Khartoum State.
* North Kordofan Starts Wheat Harvest.

* Parliament Tends to Summon Economic Sector Ministers.
* Famine Kills 415 Persons in South Sudan.
* Minister of Minerals: We Are Able to Protect Mining Companies.
* Khartoum Health: 80% of AIDS Cases are Females.

* Khartoum Governor Reveals New Measures for Private Schools.
* Bakri Launches Development and Services Projects in Gezira State.
* Malaysia Desires to Invest in Mining.
* Ghandour to Participate in IGAD Meetings.

Al-Ahram Al-Youm
* Police Authorities Seize two Trucks of Whisky.
* Ghazi: The Majority of the Upcoming Cabinet Should Be Young People.
* Ministerial Talks between Sudan and Saudi Arabia in Riyadh Next May.
* Political Parties’ Quota in the Government to Be Announced within Two Days.

* Makkawi: No Privatization or Selling of Shipping Line.
* Independent MPs Propose Transforming the MPs salaries to Development.
* SDG75 Million to Rehabilitate Agricultural Projects.
* Authorities Remove the Remaining Part of Khartoum Zoo.