Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Friday 14th April,2017

*Sudan Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Gulf Cooperation Council.
*Government: Egypt Asked Security Council to Maintain Sanctions Imposed on Sudan.
*Attempt for Smuggling Six Pieces of Antiquities from Northern State Aborted.
* Sudan Asks Egypt to Explain its Request at the Security Council to Maintain Sanctions on it.

Akhir Lahza
*Khartoum Questions Cairo over its Call for Maintaining Sanctions.
* National Umma Party Forms Committee to Hold Ibrahim Al Amin Accountable.
*Volume of Kuwaiti Investments in Sudan Amounts to 7 Billion Dollars.
* Human Traffickers Arrested and Foreigners Held Hostages Released in Kassala.
* Al Bashir: Gulf Countries Agreed to Conclude Strategic Partnership Agreement with Sudan.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
*Ghandour: The Egyptian Stance Calling for Maintaining Sanctions on Sudan is (Abnormal and Strange).
* Amendments Concerning Freedoms to be Presented Before Parliament on Monday in Attendance of the New MPs.
*Government Belittle Decision by Haftar Banning Entry of the Sudanese to Libya.
*Ghandour: Al Bashir’s Tour Effected New Transference in the Relations with Kuwait and Bahrain.

*Government is to be Announced by the Middle of the Week as Popular Congress Party Links its Participation with Approval of Freedoms.
* Britain: Atrocities in South Sudan Tantamount to Genocide.
* Military Leaderships from SPLM-N Refuse to Accompany Arman for a Meeting with Mbeki.

*Egypt Calls for Maintaining Sanctions on Sudan.
* A Foreigner Indicted with Espionage Charge.
*Battles between South Sudan Government and Opposition Continue to Rage in Wau Town.
Hassabo Calls on Rebels to Resort to Political Settlement.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
*Al Bashir Back Home Concluding Visits to Kuwait and Bahrain.
*Ghandour: Al Bashir Did Not Agree on Separation and America Bears Full Responsibility.
*Libyan Authorities Abort Smuggling of Fuel to JEM.

Akhbar Al-Youm
*Sudan Asks Egypt to Explain its Call to Maintain Sanctions Imposed on it, Cairo Replies.
* Ghandour Announces Arrival of His Egyptian Counterpart Thursday, Describes Cairo’s Stance as Abnormal.
Differences within SPLM-N Escalate, as Influential Leaderships Call for Freezing of Negotiations and Keeping Arman Away.

*Ghandour: Partnership Agreement to be Signed with Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Soon.
* Some 30000 New Members Join National Congress in Khartoum State as Al Bashir Addresses its Activation General Conference Sunday.