Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Talk of the Hour: No Change of Allegiance, Especially towards Brothers and Friends

Fears are perceived as mushrooming widely, locally and externally. They are all much associated with the recently removed American

embargo from Sudan. It is argued that and a result of this, Sudan will just change allegiance, especially towards  close friends and partners, such as  the Chinese and the Russians who have supported it during the whole years of the imposition of sanctions patiently and tolerantly.
Needless to say, Sudan’s history is full to the brim with many cases of close adherence and allegiance, especially towards friends and allies, so to speak. For one thing, in the early last century, people were noticed as very critical of and angry with a Sudanese ruling party as needlessly and extravagantly spending public money on things which are of irrelevance  to public interests. Its supporters and disciples were the sole beneficiaries of such a thing. A prominent official of the party happened to respond sarcastically to the  criticism that is launched by the Sudanese citizens  against the party. He defends its position by saying this; ‘why is this much talk and row over the matter? When we were in the opposition, it is these people whom you do not disapprove of, who support us unlimitedly and generously by doing all that should be done in order to satisfy all our needs. They give us food and other things, including even money. So, now, and after being officially installed as a ruling party, we see to it as much imperative to reciprocate positively towards them by fulfilling all their demands immediately and as quickly as possible’.
Externally, there are the Southerners. The ongoing war in South Sudan has resulted in huge exodus of refugees whose main option and mere destination is Sudan where they have been warmly welcomed officially and publicly. Happily, they are not treated as refugees, as the norms and conventions worldwide. On the contrary, they are very much honored and considered as true citizens of the country. Why? Because the Southerners and Northerners had happened to live together as one people and in one country. Therefore, they are mutually tied and in all spheres, especially by blood. They are brothers, friends and even more than this.  In this regard, there is a Egyptian saying that clearly depicts this situation. It goes like this,’ blood will never get transformed into water’, so to speak.
Elsewhere, especially at the level of the African continent, friendship is often present and it is not absent at all. It has never been plagued by ignorance or just being forgotten. When the International Criminal Court has fraudulently accused president Al Bashir of crimes against  humanity, all the African leaderships, invariably, have collectively been engaged in unifying ranks and files to abort such an orientation  instantly and immediately. They have even gone further as honoring and installing Al Bashir as the number one  hero of the whole Africa. Undoubtedly, this respect for the president of Sudan by the Africans is not void of very much kind feeling of friendship and allegiance to justify. 
In a related development, there is this funny story. It was rumored that brothers and friends of West Africa, in particular, were known as depriving masculinity once their hands were to touch that of others  physically, especially  during salutation. With the aim of getting rid of such an unfounded catastrophic rumor, a Sudanese journalist was noted as responding angrily and critically to this, by saying,’ our brothers and friends from West Africa are whole heartedly and lovably driven towards us. Sadly, we react coolly by just turning our backs to them. Ironically and frustratingly, the others whom we think of as true friends have been just ignoring us indifferently, as a gesture of sheer disinterest and dislike.  Sure, this situation is not without a lesson to learn from; the person who likes you is far better than the one that you like, as the Sudanese saying says. If this is the case and it is, then all of us, as the Sudanese public, officially and none,  should stand up, just taking hats off as sign of genuine respect and honor to  brothers and friends of West Africa. Such a gesture and stance are wholly attributed to an irrevocable conviction that deprivation of masculinity is a mere rumor that is fraudulently invented by enemies with the intention to let us get separated, nothing more, nothing less, so to speak’. 
The Chinese and the Russians are also not the exclusion from this pattern of friendship and allegiance. At the times of hardships and miseries that Sudan has been passing through painfully and intolerably, it is these very Chinese and Russians who help Sudan vigorously and generously.  So, sure, any sort of future goodness that is to be enjoyed by Sudan, especially in the post era of the lifting of the American sanctions, will be shared among friends, old and none old, equally and mutually.
Actually, realties on the ground falsify such a trend of fears. The Americans themselves and even before the lifting of the embargo, happen to deal with these friends of Sudan (Chinese, Russians and others), easily and conveniently and without the least constraints.  The language of business and interests is the most dominating factor that is to unify all of them invariably.
However, there is a point which is of crucial importance that should be mentioned here; it is not only Sudan that is hugely affected by the sanctions for decades and decades, but friends and partners as well. For instance, both the Chinese and Russians  are also adversely affected by the sanctions. Now, and after their  removal,  much unlimited goodness, financially and none, is expected to dominate all the lands of Sudan, to the benefit of all, friends, old and none old, so to speak.  
In conclusion, we can say this; the post era of the sanctions, will hopefully be associated with huge goodness  that is to be much advantageous to all, invariably; the Sudanese, the Americans, the Chinese, the Russians and all the others anywhere, Allah willing.