Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Government of S. Sudan Working to Prolong War in Sudan

The Government of Sudan has accused the government of South Sudan of continuing its support and harboring

of the rebel SPLM-N movement with an intention of prolonging the war in Sudan.
Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said South Sudan still extends support to the SPLM-N to wage war against Sudan.
The Presidential Assistant, speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, blasted the call by SPLM-N  for maintaining the sanctions on Sudan, describing it as a shameful and unethical act. He also criticized the call by the movement for postponing the peace negotiations, saying that it lacks any justifications.
The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) said in a statement it issued recently that Juba government is continuing sheltering and supporting the Sudanese rebel movements.
The NISS statement draws the attention to this flagrant intervention, warning and demanding South Sudan government to stop intervention in all its forms in Sudan internal affairs.
Meanwhile, the government delegation to the negotiations has affirmed that it would not sit with any group from the SPLM-N movement that has no capability to implement what is to be agreed upon in the talks, saying that the stances of the government remain unshakable, clear and unified.
Member of the government negotiating delegation Abdel-Rahman Abu-Median said the SPLM-N movement has remained stalling the talks since the first round and working for realizing its own agenda and not peace, noting that the movement has now scattered into a number of groups.
Abu-Median reiterated the commitment of the government to what have been agreed upon in all dossiers in the roadmap of the African mediation, stressing that the government is ready for the negotiations.
Meanwhile, one should note the keenness of the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, to meet with the leaders of the rebel SPLM-N movement in Juba before the consultative meeting between them and the African Union High-level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), a matter that indicates Salva Kiir had handed to the leaders of SPLM-N his agenda, which is represented in not to enter into a peace process with the Government of Sudan. This was considered by NISS as showing the intention of Juba government to prolong the war in Sudan.

Incorrect Calculations

It seems that Juba has committed mistakes in its calculations by continuing extending support to the Sudanese rebel movements, especially that it has remained neglecting all the economic aid and humanitarian assistance Khartoum has remained giving to the affected Southern Sudanese citizens whose numbers exceeded all expectations.
Despite the aggravating political, humanitarian and economic crises in South Sudan, Juba has remained waging war against Sudan through extending support to the SPLM-N.
Juba has also remained neglecting the principles of good neighborliness with Sudan, as it has remained harboring the leaderships of the SPLM-N in stark violation of the joint cooperation agreement between the two countries. Meanwhile, Khartoum has shown full commitment to the agreement.

Warning Statement

NISS pointed out in its statement that since last Wednesday up to Saturday 22nd April, South Sudan President and his First Vice President along with executive and security leaders held intensive meetings with the leaders of the so-called SPLM-N in Juba, saying that the information infiltrated affirmed that the deliberations showed the intention to prolong the war against Sudan.
The NISS statement expressed  surprise how come South Sudan government disregard its goal in resolving their own complicated internal issues and stop the war, to work for igniting  sedition in Sudan.
The statement said instead of appreciating the efforts of the Sudanese government, Juba government responded to the humane treatment of Sudan by continuing sheltering and supporting the Sudanese rebel movements as testified and documented by information, including reports by the UN agencies.
The statement affirmed that Sudan remained providing South Sudan with all the required support after secession and in all the critical stages that the new-born state has passed through including providing humanitarian support to South Sudan citizens within their compelling circumstances along with opening its borders to receive hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese who fled the civil war and famine.
The NISS statement draws the attention to this flagrant intervention, warning and demanding South Sudan government to stop intervention in all its forms in Sudan internal affairs.