Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Friday 14th July, 2017

* Government Reveals Plan to Deal with the US Administration.
* Al Bashir to Visit UAE and Kuwait Tomorrow.
* FIFA Lifts Suspension on Sudan’s Membership.
* Imminent Visit of Salva Kiir to Khartoum.

Akhir Lahza
* US Administration Directs Direct Trade Transactions with Sudan.
* CBOS Fines One of the Popular Banks SDG16 Billion.
* PCP: Satisfied with the Performance of Its Ministers in the Government.
* Presidential Aide: Halayeb Is a Sudanese Territory.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Ghandour: Gulf States Have Nothing to Do with Extension of US Sanctions.
* NCP: Washington Decision Encourages Armed Groups to Destabilize the Security of Sudan.
* Ghandour: Sudan Is Proud with Its Record in Regards to Human Rights.
* PCP Extension of Sanctions Is Disappointing.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Arab League Affirms Rejection of US Sanctions.
* Salva Kiir Sacks 12 Judges who Protest for the Delay of Salaries.
* Finance Ministry Announces Measures to Confront the US Extension of Sanctions.
* Youth and Sports Minister Calls for Harmony in Running the Football Federation Activities.

* Ghandour: US Administration Didn’t Fulfill Its Pledges.
* Bilal Criticizes Al-Jazzera TV Channel.
* China Hopes for Total Lifting of Sanctions on Sudan.
* US Dollar Exchange Rate Hits SDG20.

* Ghandour Denies Pulling Out of Army Troops from Yemen.
* Foreign Ministry: Committed to the Five Tracks as National Agendas.
* Parliament Supports Suspending Talks with the US Administration.
* Fierce Clashes in South Sudan.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* US Experts: Chaos within the White House behind Extension of Sanctions.
* Ghandour Enumerates Three Reasons for Suspension of Talks with Washington.
* Information Minister: We Support Egypt on GERD File.
* Darfur Movements and Armed Groups Reject the Extension of US Sanctions.

* Hundreds of Kiir Troops Killed, Factions Call for New Peace Agreement.
* Mubarak Al-Fadil Offers Projects for Investment.
* Eila Announces the Kick-off Khartoum-Wad Median Highway Rehabilitation.
* PCP Announces Support to UNAMID Exit from Darfur.