Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Sunday 6th, August 2017


* The Government Asks Egypt for the Arrest of 222 Citizens of Halayeb

* Saudi media Accuses Al-Mahdi of Conspiring against the Kingdom and the Umma party Denies
* Sudanese Abul Esbat, one of the most ISIS Prominent Leaders, Killed in Mosul
* Chamber of Navigation Companies Reveals New Information on Drug Containers

Akhir Lahza

* Parties Council Threatens to Dissolve the DUP
* 100 Outlaws Arrested in East Darfur
* Arrival of First Batch of Chinese Tourists
* Conventional Miners Plan to Present Notes to the Presidential on Their Property in Egypt

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi Announces His Terms to Participate in the Government
* Prominent German Expert: United States and Europe Consider Sudan Strategic Partner
* Parliament Participates in the Meetings of the African Organization of Public Accounts
*Karameno Confirms the Seriousness of the Government in Achieving Peace in the Two Areas

Al-Ray- Al-Aam

*Government: SPLA Officers Took Part in the Events of Khor Al-Waral Camp
* Production of 2 Thousand barrels of Oil Per Day in New Field in Heglig
* Sudan’ Embassy in Cairo Asks for Information about Sudanese Detained by Egypt from Halayeb and Shalatin
* Erdogan Deputy: We are Working to Increase Trade with Sudan to Billions of Dollars

A-Youm Al-Tali
 * Al-Mahdi Advises Al-Hillu to Accept Washington Initiative
 * Rain Scarcity Threatens 10 Million Heads of National Herd
* PCP Reviews the Participation and the Performance of Its Deputies in the Parliament
UN Condemns Violence against Female Teachers of Khor Al-Waral Camp

*Al-Mahdi Puts Three Conditions for Dialogue with the Government
*100 Criminals Arrested in Security Campaigns in Eastern Darfur
* Resumption of Abyei Meetings in Addis Ababa this Month
* Significant Rise in the Level of the Blue Nile

*1000 People Fleeing from SPLA Caused the Events of Khor Al-Waral
* Kamal Omer as Head of the PCP Bloc in the Parliament
* Opposition Southern Movement: Juba is Mobilizing Darfur Movements for War
* High Prices of Building Materials


* US Court Obliges Pentagon to Pay $ 4 Billion to Salah Idris
* MP Calls to punish Those Involved in Khor Al-Waral Incidents
* Parties Propose Solution to Differences of SPLM-N
* Interior State Minister Stands on the Situation at Khor Al-Waral