Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday 8th August, 2017

*Trial of First Defendant Accused of Spreading Kidnapping Rumours Starts Today

* Al Bashir Meets King Salman in the Moroccan Town of Tangier.
*Businessman Who Lost His Way in the Desert of the Northern State Rescued.
*Presidency: Prompt Campaign for Weapons Collection and Arrest of Criminals.

Akhir Lahza
*Al Bashir and King Salman Discuss in Tangier Bilateral Relations.
* The Egyptian Authorities Continue their Escalation Campaigns in Halayeb.
*Hassabo Declares Confiscation of Illegali Vehicles in Darfur without Compensation.
* Blue Nile Water Level Continues to Rise.

Akhbar Al-Youm
*Abdul-Rahim Hamdi Calls for Mapping out Specific Programmes for Tackling Inflation and Exchange Rate.
*The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Receives the President of the Republic in Tangier.
*AFRICOM Commander Arrives in Khartoum Today, Meets Ibrahim Ghandour Tomorrow.
* Presidential Assistant Meets Chairman of the Higher Sufi Council.

*The Egyptian Authorities Bring Sudanese Citizens Before Courts Accused of Infiltration into Halayeb.
*Juba Recaptures Main Stronghold of Opposition in Fagak, Burns down Machar’s House.
*Council of Ministers Directs Availing Resources for Combating Watery Diarrhea.
*Memorandum of Understanding between Sudan and Switzerland on Boosting Joint Cooperation.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
*Hassabo in Darfur: Presidential Authorization to the Forces to Collect Weapons and Arrest Criminals.
* Important Meeting on Exchange Rate in Parliament and Warnings of Continuation of Hike in Dollar Rate.
*Ghandour: Dialogue with US on the Five Tracks is Progressing Well.
*Mamoun Humaida: Increase of Drug Use among Youths.

*South Sudan Government Forces Recapture Headquarters of Armed Opposition.
*Chairman of Higher Sufi Council Denies Intention to Establish Political Party.
*Investment and Housing Facilities for Expatriates and Returnees.
* Suits against Accused Persons in Tribal Conflicts in East Darfur.

Almeghar Alsyasy
*Meteorology Department Forecast Heavy Rains in the States, and Light Showers in Khartoum.
*Electricity Monitoring Organ: Draft Law on Rationalization of Power Consumption Submitted to Justice Ministry.
* US Trade Chamber Acknowledges Negative Effect of Sanctions on Sudan.
*Jordanian Prime Minister Arrives in Khartoum Tomorrow Heading High-Level Delegation.

Al-Ahram Al-Youm
*Halayeb’s Citizens Complain of Escalating Egyptian Harassment Campaigns.
*Khartoum Adheres to Banning of Light Plastic Bags, Gives Factories 9 Months.
*US Delegation Arrives in Khartoum to Discuss Boosting Relations and Investment Opportunities.