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Monday, 23 October 2017

Ultimate Team of the Year Nominees for FUT Players on PS4, Xbox One and PC

(Daily Star) - FIFA 17 will soon reveal a new FUT Team of the Year (TOTY) for 2016 and here's the in-form players we could see in this year's lineup

FIFA 17 has announced that it will be revealing a new Team of the Year (TOTY) on January 9th as well as some in-game bonuses for the Ultimate Team mode.
"The top footballers of 2016 will be revealed at an awards ceremony in Zurich." a new post on the EA Sports blog wrote.
"To celebrate this prestigious honour, FIFA Ultimate Team will have special Team of the Year In-Form items for the 11 winners, featuring some of the highest ratings of the year.
"Don’t miss out on these rare items, they will only be available for a very limited time!"
For those of you who are still getting to grips with FIFA Ultimate team, the FUT Team of the Week (TOTW) is a weekly team of 23 in-form player cards. The Team of the Year is a bit different and shall only include the 11 voted for TOTY players.
These players will be boosted with a stat upgrade by EA based on how well they have performed and given a new card design, like the one seen in the image above.
The FIFA Ultimate Team cards are available in Gold, Silver or Bronze packs at random. No details have been shared on how long these cards will be available.
But EA sports will reveal all on January 9th following the announcement of the TOTY winners by the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro).