Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Periscope: World Girl Child Day 11 October

Today the world will focus on the World Girl Child Day which aims  at raising awareness and enhance action

on addressing the critical challenges that face young girls worldwide.
The key areas that have been identified and that threaten the future prospects among many others have been; early marriage, FGM, access to educational opportunities, violence and in particular during armed conflicts and wars, child labor.
It is sad situation that 28 years after the ratification of almost the whole world states except two, of the CRC(Convention on  the Rights of the Child -1989) the world is still focusing on some of the basic rights enshrined in the CRC. This is basically for the lack of a strong will but also for the lack of economic resources and that not enough awareness rising among the communities levels is conducted to address the negative social norms that degrade the role of girls outside the facility limited sphere.
In addition, in most cases the link between the development of girls  basic rights and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) is not strongly focused on. As a matter of fact it is almost impossible to attain the SDGs or any genuine human development without addressing effectively and positively the rights of girls and women.
In this respect there is a need to address the economic and social norms that leads to 140 million girls under 18 to be married, this violating the rights of a future chosen by themselves and the same time hinder the social and economic development of the countries that practice this negative social tradition.
The international community needs to stress more and link more strongly development aid and assistance with the progress in girls and women rights because there cannot be a real social sustainable development when half the society is absent from the process.
This year, the World Girls Child Day’s themes: Empowering girls; before, during and after crises by emergency response and resilience planning , is very important. Because on the light of the evidence of how young girls have suffered during the last decade and more from the impact of armed and violent conflicts. The issues emerging from this World Day theme should have a top priority in any coming international political, social and economic debate.
Let us hope that next year we will see that the girl child have attained most of her rights if not all of them.