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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

I Have a Dream: Giving Great America the Respect It Deserves (1-2)

After lifting the US sanctions it the right time for new era of Sudan – the US relation

. We as the people of Sudan looking for permanent good relation with the US. The anti the US propaganda during the cold war organized and advocated by Sudanese Communists is supposed  to history by now .Moreover we looking for strategic Islamic – Christian Alliance  for the benefit for both nations in particular and the rest of the world in general . America as a religious nation and supper power can lead this alliance . It is easy to maintain permanent good relation with the US . Because America is a religious and generous nation. Giving Great America the respect it deserves  it  is the short cut to have  permanent good relation with the US. We as Euphrates Chapter  in Khartoum work as peace builders  at the grassroots level to advocate positive interaction with West in general and the US in particular . Moreover the Chapter encourages interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians as a step for the Islamic – Christian  Alliance. We need to take advantage of the contemporary IT revolution to interact with  West in general and the US in particular because we actually do not know them well . All we know is through Hollywood movies .The majority of the US people are so nice and they really care. I believe if the guys who carried the 9/11  terrorist attack know  how nice are the people  of the US they wouldn’t did it . We got to leave the spectator’s seat and involve with Westerns in a grassroots level relations including anti – terrorism campaign ‘’ the governments will come later on board ‘’ as Janessa  Gans  Wilder  the founder and CEO of Euphrates  said . The US got to know its home security connected with international arena. And people of the US need to interact with international family targeting global unity. We at Euphrates have 30 Chapters worldwide. In this article I will mention some organization the reader can contact and obviously I will start with Euphrates Institute as its Chapter leader in Khartoum.
Janessa  Gans  Wilder is the founder and CEO of Euphrates Institute . In early 2004 she was on a military base outside Fallujah ,Iraq , during a major battle between US marines and Iraqi popular forces . Sitting on the bank of Euphrates river week later , she was struck by the calm ,uninterrupted flow of the water , with images of the conflict fresh in her mind , ‘’she couldn’t  imagine how any two scenes could be more different . Yet even through downtown Fallujah , the river surged on, untouched and unstopped by the chaos , death , and destruction happening around it , still bringing life , sustenance , and hope to the desert’’ said Janessa . Janessa  is a frequent speaker in interfaith , community , government ,interaction and educational settings .She has written dozens of articles and been interviewed by major news outlets , including CBS , CNN , Los Angles Time , Christian Science Monitor,  Democracy Now , and many more .
For over a decade , Janessa has provided the vision and leadership to grow Euphrates Institute  into a global network of peace builders  and change makers , now comprising 30 Chapters worldwide . Previously , Janessa taught political science  at her undergraduate  alma mater , principia College , and was a consultant to the State Department .She has a Master’s degree in international policy studies  from Stanford university and  a Bachelor’s  in international relation from Principia College .
The second organization is the United Religions Initiative  URI a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences  and work together for good of their communities and the world . The URI founder is Bishop William E. Swing . The HQ of the organization in California , US . The URI founded in 2000 .
The third organization is  the Charter for Compassion  launched on November 12, 2009 by Karn Armstrong to propagate a global compassion movement . The Charter facilitates connection between resources , individuals , and organizations with the intent of supporting outcomes of increasing compassion . In fact because the Charter has over 2000 partners , and those partners support networks  as well , it is more accurate to describe the Charter as a ‘’ neywork of networks ‘’
The fourth organization is We, The World  which develops global networks of collaboration and action to create a peaceful , caring , sustainable world . Rick Ulfik is the founder of  We, The World   and also  co- founder and principal organizer of 11 Days of Global Unity – 11 Days to Change the World , a platform to promote  the work of change agents worldwide , annually with as 700 associated events in over 60 countries . Rick is a nonviolent communication workshop facilitator and leader .
The fifth is The Shift Network founded by Stephen Dinan , and also its CEO . The Shift Network programs  have been taken by over 45,000 people from around the planet and cover the full spectrum  of personal and social transformation . The Shift Network has launched in February of 2010 , it has already more than 570,000 like – minded souls participate in the organization’s events .