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Friday, 20 October 2017

Camel’s Milk

Scientists a grief ago arrived to the fact that milk of all the other nutritious elements includes all hygienic elements

. In fact, the reference to milk is not confined to one certain source of milk; simply it refers to any milk, even that of birds’ is included.
This mere fact, comfortably meets the liking of patients, who are assigned by their doctors to sip milk excessively beside their doses of medications. Milk is then to them is inseparable part of their prescription. They usually set out in search of untreated milk; a kind of pure milk that of additives –free one.
Milk of course, is not to be prepared at laboratories; it is milked at great dairies. A milking machine is already devised to do this job, but manual milking is still the belief of those who fear the complications of that milking machine to their cows’ udder.
  A lot of milks now continuously  invade the white market , cows’ milk is , of course , topping the list of this commodity , then come the other different types of milk ; that of sheep , goats ,canned powder milk, and that camels .
Incidentally, talking about camel’s milk, it doesn’t go without saying that, camels’ milk is considered by far the richest one of all these different kinds. It should be equated with the gold market unit of purchasing.
I was once met a snaky queue that astonished me a lot, I approached the line, and many guys were stationed to have their turns. Some erect their umbrellas to avoid the baking sun beams, and preserve their remaining eye-sight. They insist to fight their ways to the end to attain their goals; to get the white bottled treasure.
I crawled with the troop, protecting the back of the very last guy .We were now a stone throw of the hidden treasure. Alas! The poster is now a mirage readable; you can predict what it says from afar. In fact, I made many trials while I was approaching to just suffice my lust of reading it correctly. Alas! Finally ‘the skeleton is out of the cupboard ‘. The signboard says: ‘There is camels’ milk in this supermarket ‘. Besides, the sign lists very exhaustive enumerated things of the benefits of this miraculous milk of camels. At the top of this enumeration is that it cures cancer. Yes, believe it or not, the medication of cancer is humping that list. Then, I have come to know the answer to the question that boils in me. What compels those guys to queue in that baking sun? I found that the answer is just under my feet; it is all the camels’ milk. To my surprise all the big supermarkets started selling this thing, the camels’ milk, typically like gold mining, when it was firstly discovered; all people directed their attention to.  The thing that let me seriously thinks of buying my own she- camel to milk whenever I want to. This is in my opinion.