Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Orbits: The New Cabinet

The government has started its contacts with the political powers that were engaged in the national dialogue process to consult on the formation of the new cabinet

The people are very eager to know the outcomes of the ongoing consultations, not because they like (x) or dislike (y).
The people are watching the political scene to evaluate to what extent is the government is serious in dealing with the requirements of the upcoming stage.
People are expected selections far from courtesies.
The NCP should be careful and keen not to miss this opportunity to prove seriousness as the formation of the new government represents a real test to the NCP in dealing with the country’s concerns.
The upcoming cabinet is a chance for reconciliation with the citizens and giving them the hope that the future is better.
People are aware of the ministers of the previous eras, especially those who doubled the sufferings of the citizens, and even those ministers know themselves, so no need to include them in the new cabinet.
The challenges that faced the previous cabinet resulted to several mistakes of some ministers in conducting their mission in a professional manner.
The Presidency will have had a hard time to select ministers and officials who are qualified to pump new blood in the executive body in several dossiers to avoid any shortcoming.
To conclude, the citizens want the controversial officials to be excluded from the ministries’ list and this represents a good omen for a new era of confidence building between the government and the public in general.