Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

World Wide Good Democratic Governance Crises (5-5)

Some may ask why this great interest and waste of time in such an issue as that of the crises of worldwide good governance?

The answer is simple. It is first driven by the selfish interest of personal security and then it extends to the national, regional and international.
Bad governance in the most powerful countries at the national, regional and international levels  effects you negatively whether you like or not, know it or not, understand it or not.
There are in front of our eyes now daily the results of such bad non-really-accountable governance in Iraq and Syria. This means both the rulers of the two countries, America, the European Union and the countries in the region which funded the terrorists groups in these two countries. 
So, it is better to understand the mechanisms that make bad governance and how to address these challenges in a sustainable manner.
In the top come the lack of transparency and the monopoly of power in its different forms because routine elections as we have seen in the west and many other places is not an immunization against these curses.
We have seen for example in the French model , ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy receive funds from the late Libyan dictator Mamar Ghadafi and then participate in a conspiracy to eliminate him to hide the truth.
Off-course not all the elite are corrupt or driven by self interest  despite that the majority are so, but still there is a large number that can affect the course of events.
This must start with the full understanding that there is a need for solutions that is holistic that includes  everyone  and leave no one behind, those in power and outside the circle. In the today world most of our tragedies comes when one group want to eliminate the others, in a one win all game, now the rule of the game must all wins from historical compromises or any social contract name it  as you like. This is a sure prescription for disasters in the full meaning of word.
The issue still deserves attention which we hope to do soon again.