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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Allegations of Using Chemical Weapons: Despicable Rehash and Reproduction of Old Fabrications against the Sudan (1)

(Mubarak Mahgoub Musa - Diplomat; Sudan Embassy, Kiev):  Not all that glitter is gold, despite its seemingly valuable work in some countries

on behalf of human rights; that does not belittle the fact that Human Rights Watch, amongst a number of western NGOs, has long been highly politicized organization that overtly and covertly serves the political agenda and the vested interests of some western countries. In Sudan, deriving past experiences, Human Rights Watch is seen as somewhat, part and parcel of the   constituencies that kept on using propaganda and defamation, to seek to inflame and prolong conflicts in the Sudan.
For almost three decades, it has been quite evident that   Sudan was the focus, for a systematic propaganda by the western media, using clinical and cold-blooded misinformation and disinformation, in order to demonize and ultimately topple and oust the government of Sudan.
The allegations made by so called rights group that it Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) has used chemical weapons in the country's western Darfur region, are utterly unfounded fabrication, for the following considerations:
Apart from the fact that, Sudan and since 1998, is a party to the international convention, that out-laws the production, stockpiling and the use of chemical weapons, Sudan was never in a position to produce or possess chemical weapons. It’s important to call into attention that, this very fact was recently confirmed in the latest CWC’s report, issued in June this year 2016.
More importantly, besides the actual presence of UNAMID, UNICEF and WFP in the ground in Darfur, Donald Booth, the United States special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, he himself   visited   Darfur state for full five days, last July 2016. Then how come, none of them however, had ever referred or even have insinuated to such serious allegations? Taking into account, such type of crimes is quite un-concealable in nature.
Perhaps the coup de maître, that shatters the credibility of Amnesty International false claims  , was soon revealed on the UNAMID JSR's statement read to the media on peace in Darfur issued on 9th of October 2018,stated that despite of the almost 20,000 UNAMID personnel on the ground in Darfur, none of them has seen any Darfuri with the impact of the use of chemical weapons as described  by Amnesty International's report. The statement added that not one displaced person meeting such description has shown up at any of UNAMID team site clinics, where they would have naturally gone for help.
Moreover, the Sudanese military is known for being, a conventional and professional army that complies with international standards and best practices. This army has been fighting extremely fierce battles for fifty long years, against rebel movements in the south, without being ever stigmatized with such obnoxious charges. Why should the same army resorts to that now? Historically speaking, and testimony to the above claim, the undisputed fact remains; civilians in the rebel held areas, used to flee for safety towards the Army garrisons, and not the other way round.
Again what obliges the Sudanese armed forces to do that in a time, it indisputably possesses the upper hand on war theaters, in almost all Darfur territory. On the contrary, the situation on the ground hardly necessitates intensive bombing, leave alone unconventional weapons, taking into account that most of the remnant Darfuri rebels, are either on the run, focusing on their survival, or currently cheap mercenaries, offering their serviceability in internal conflicts, in neighboring countries.
The demonstrated photos, meant to depict victims who allegedly succumbed to the effects of chemical weapons, and likewise the purported witnesses, is by all means, no more than "utter nonsense".  In fact some of these photos, were quite old, and are known to be taken earlier, somewhere else, in the South Kordofan.
Synchronizing with an important event such as the annual meetings of the UN, in order to secure the polarization of maximum diplomatic and political attention and publicity worldwide; the timing of these callous allegations is by no means innocent if not wicked;
On national level, these allegations were meant to overshadow and depreciate the overwhelming success of the current broad national dialogue, which included all political spectrum of the Sudan, including armed movements, in addition to civil society groups, to discuss freely and resolve peacefully, all wars and crises that has crippled the country. The national document, that will be the base for the country’s permanent constitution, was signed by the leaders of political parties and armed groups participating in the dialogue, leaving the door open for the holdouts to endorse the said document in the near future.
These unfounded accusations, aims to obstruct all sincere efforts, to achieve peace and stability and to promote reconciliation in Sudan. Regional and international partners are aware and informed of the stability in Darfur, which witnessed comprehensive sincere efforts, reflected today in the undisputable security, stability reconciliation in Darfur.
At the same time, these allegations, is by far, a futile attempt to boost the morale of the few remnant holdouts rebels, which slumped to its lowest level, after being touted and humiliatingly defeated on the ground and dislodged away from almost all their hide-outs in Darfur, desperately gasping for breath.
On regional and international level, these allegations come at the time, Sudan- against all odds -has started confidently and steadily, to regain its regional role and prominence. To name but a few examples; Sudan today is in the heart of the “Decisive Storm Operation” for reinstatement of the legitimacy in Yemen. Sudan is part and parcel of the regional consultations on reconciliation in Libya. Sudan has proved to be the unique expert-home, for the prospects of peace and stability in South Sudan. Last not least, experience has proved that Sudan is inescapable, in serious and genuine regional efforts, of combatting both terrorism and human trafficking.
Likewise the allegations come at the time, when Sudan’s  steadfastness, strong will and belief in its just cause in the face of  the ICC, despite  mammoth  western incitement and intimidation campaign, has finally won the heart and mind of Africa; In return, Africa is now fully aligned with Sudan, in an exemplary solidarity. Today and perhaps, to the utmost resentment of the ICC, President Al Bashir’s dauntless trips abroad, has become so frequent and customary, to the extent that, it has ceased to be a breaking news, in international media.