Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

S. Sudan Refugees and Humanitarian Crisis

In the light of ongoing escalation and fighting between the two main factions in S. Sudan

, it seems that there is no solution looming to put an end for the question. Indicators read the internal S. Sudan crisis is in developing day after another between Salva Kiir and Reik Mashar forces on ground.
The furious battles made the humanitarian situation quite deteriorated causing an acute shortage in food, water, medicine and other life needs, therefore, thousands of people have left their home searching for secure places as well avoiding eminent death and random shelling from two parties.
S. Sudan civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster for the time being. The number of innocent civilians suffering is hugely increased. Hundred thousand of people became homeless within their home, as the majority have fled to neighboring Sudan as refugees.
South Sudan president Salva Kiir had signed a peace agreement with rebels on 26 August 2015 at a ceremony in the capital Juba attended by sponsor mechanism of peace (IGAD), some African leaders and other international parties interested in peace process in South Sudan.
This signing for peace between S.S president and his former vice president came after two years of ongoing war resulted in killing thousands of people due to organized and random attacks against civilians. Besides, hundreds of rape cases to young girls being registered by UN.
Both of SC and US have urged the two parties (government and rebels) to excuse peace deal on ground, threatening that by imposing more sanctions upon the party that undermines peace process.
But, it is quite clear that all peace pacts signed by the two main players have ended with no fruitful results.
The two parties have resumed the battles to include even oil fields, the fight made the humanitarian stance more bad enforcing the South Sudan Government to declare the “Famine”  in all S. S Territories.
It is clear that the parties care about their own interest and business neglecting what people face nowadays.
It is a call for the two key players to govern their reason voice putting an end for this farce which took long time.