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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Moonlight: Khartoum Embraces Dubai

The  International  Relations  have  played  an  important  role  in  development  of  world’s  nations  relationship  and  paved  the way  for  them  to  interact  together  due  to  achieve  the  common  interests  and  benefits.  There  is  exchange  in the common  interests  based on respect the  two  sides have  exerted efforts to reactivating  their  communication focusing  on consultation which  they lambasted it as  an appropriate means to contribute in developing their  relations in future.   Sudan  is  one  of  the  world’s  states  has  common  interests  with  others  in  its  African and  Arab arena so  that  Sudan’s  government  keens  and  serious  to  develop  its  bilateral  ties  with  all  world’s  States  through  the  balance  diplomacy  which  focus  on  how  to  normalize  the  ties  with  African  and  Arab  nations. Sudan’s  government  believes  that  the  communication  process  is  the  best  means  for  reactivating  its  ties  with  neighbors  in  African  continent  and  Arab  nations.
Sudan enables to normalize its distinguished relationship with Emirates Arab Union , because  Khartoum  was  linked  with  Dubai  by  old  and  strong  relations  based  on  exchange  respect, this  really  reflects  the  honest  brotherhood  of  the  two  countries which  keen to  develop and  push it  ahead. Emirates  has  contributed  more  in  realizing  peace  in  Sudan  through  its  diplomatic  mission  in  Khartoum, UAE , also contributed  more  in  refreshing  Sudanese  national  economy  through  its  vast  investments  in  deferent   fields.
However, relations  between  the  two  countries  witnessed  remarkable  development  in all  aspects , the  administration  of  the  two  countries  work hand-in hand to  make their  bilateral  ties  as  model  based  on  clear  strategy  to  promote  the  common  cooperation in  trade  domain. Who follows the political incidents he will find that Sudan’s  relationships  with  Emirates  are  old  since  the  former  president  field  marshal  Jaafar  Mohammed  Nemari   who  put  the  components for  the  relations  UAE, now  the  bilateral  ties  between Sudan  and  UAE  witnessing  a great  development  reached  high level  so  that  we  can  describe  it  as  strategy  the  two  countries  exerted  a huge  efforts  for  creating  a joint fruitful cooperation  through  investment  which  is  considered  the  connecting  link  aim  to  strengthening  the  bilateral  ties  between  the  two  countries.