Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Days in Gabgaba in Search of Gold

When we left Algaili the sun barely rose over the sky .the more we move northwards, the hotter the weather becomes

.Gradually May sun began to shower the landscape with it's yellow burning rays. The bus engine continued to  rumble through the barren Sandy plains which resembled an over baked piece of bread .It was cutting the desert with great ease like  a Sharp knife cutting a bar of cheese .The rate of it's speed is explainable by sight of trees , people on donkeys, backs ,mud hamlets and shepherds walking behind their herds quickly moving opposite the trajectory of the bus Southwards .When we approached Shendi - the historical capital of the prestigious Jaalein tribe , the figure of it's imposing hero Mak Nimir crossed my mind .It began to reconstruct the retaliatory burning to death of  the novice and arrogant Ismael Pasha .The son of Egypt viceroy was emboldened by the fast meltdown of Sennar sultanate in the face of his invading army .Apparently he was intoxicated by the  liquor of string of military victories and gains over the ailing and feuding Sultans of  The black sultanate therefore  he reasoned that all Sudanese  are alike in condoning defeat without putting up a resistance. My eyes started  scanning the soil of Shendi hopping to see traces and  ash of that heroic burning of Ismael Pasha .I could vividly imagine how the locally brewed wine Merisa temporarily undid the minds of those overbearing invaders to the point of totally losing their consciousness.
 I could also imagine  with great deal of gloating their drunken bodies struggling in vain to extricate them from the  well orchestrated mundane inferno. the subsequent human body barbecue,  the laughter,  the giggling and jubilation of Jaalein tribesmen the taste of victory over the narcissist and flamboyant son of the Pasha with his entourage who arrogantly thrown his pipe on to the face of Mak Nimir intending to create shock and awe amid the ranks of this gallant tribe .Ismael was a  pretty foolish young man driven by flush of youth. He knew nothing about the Sudanese character particularly the Jaalein .That machination was the brainchild of the sly Massad Nimir's brother. Nimir had barely escaped losing his battle to avenge his humiliation at the hands of Ismael hadn't his brother Masad intervened instantly by telling him to lie low and feign submission . Nimir wanted to react physically tit for tat .The saliva of infuriation was dripping from his fuming mouth .He pulled up his sleeves for a fight. Contrary to Masssad Nimir was a tactician and quick- tempered whereas Masad was a prudent strategist. Massad addressed his brother in The Balaweet .the language of The Beja who inhabit the Eastern Sudan which the couple picked from their engagement in trade with this  neighbouring region. This brief conversation had created language barrier and obscured their intended massacre .The invaders  listened with great joy when Massad reassured them that all their demands will be fully met .The brief exchange between the brother in Balaweet hatched the horrible yet heroic burning of Ismael and his accompanying folks .I am really stunned and puzzled of how such massacre was easily perpetrated against the leader of a such strong army which was able to achieve a string of victories against the Shagiaa tribe and Sennar sultanate. Where were his intelligence and bodyguards who should have been vigilant to nib that machination in the bud.