Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Information Crime

The criminal in computer crimes and the Internet is not a common criminal

, and is classified within the deputies of criminals or informants, especially successful people, who are afraid of them to switch from a hobby to professionalism in the acts of infiltration systems, and may be lurking an illegal organization depends on informatics in their crimes, by recruiting him, which makes him a professional information criminal.
 It is common to mention that cybercrime is clever criminality, compared to traditional crime that tends to violence. This criminal cannot belong to the idiot of criminals. If a person who steals from a house or steals a car is often low IQ. In computer theft from the money of a bank or company is characterized by a high level of intelligence so that he can overcome many of the obstacles in the commission of his crime.
 It is closer to the perpetrators of the crime than to the perpetrator of the crime of theft, but it is a monument through the use of modern technology. If it is easy to imagine violent crime against the information system, which is characterized by the destruction of computer or magnetic props, which may sometimes occur within the framework of terrorist acts. It should not be concluded, however, that information-based information needs violent behavior. It arises from Sabotage Soft techniques of manipulating information, logical entities or data, which destroys, partially destroys, or malfunctions the data, which exists but is distorted.
So, Small programs that infect operating systems in computers and smart devices over the Internet and e-mails are called information viruses, and then spread to all the magnetic props used in these devices, and this type of virus in a short period of time can break all cards and systems. It is stated that the practice of acts of destruction using traditional methods cannot be called the term "information fraud" because, in order to create this type of criminality, a special technique that deals directly with the program or data is required and the most common are the Ransomware virus Shimon, and Trojan horse.