Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Drugs and their Devastating Effects in Our Society

The phenomenon of trade and drug abuse in Sudanese society has been steadily increasing and has become a serious disease

that threatens young people, which may be difficult to cure if it is not avoided at an early date due to many factors that led to the exacerbation of this phenomenon such as family disintegration and lack of sound education and lack of good example in friends who They have a positive role, as well as a sense of ineffectiveness in the society, lack of self-confidence and a sense of failure in life, as well as challenges to cope with the global technological revolution, which has become an alternative to the role of the family and the spread of foreign cultures.
That there is no doubt that proper education is important in this context because it determines the behavior of the child and his creation and the consequences of the future results. Unfortunately, many parents neglect this aspect and do not give it the right to establish children on education Fragile and easily penetrates just to collide with the temptations of modern life. Therefore, we find more than hundreds of teenagers fall victim to drugs because of that, and the weakness of education is due to many things, including the preoccupation of the father and mother with special things and forgetting their children, and other reasons that have negative secretions which lead to the discomfort of children to be at home because of family problems in some cases, They may suffer from them. You may find some friends have the same problem. Here you may be sitting in the trap and the current, and the road that has only three ends; madness, imprisonment or death.
There is no doubt that the drugs affect the social and economic development, but it remains the responsibility to address this solidarity responsibility in the community, there is a need for human interaction in the guidance and inculcate the religious and lofty values in the hearts of students and young people, and support the role of the family to help them to play their role In order to educate people about the harmful effects of drugs and their destructive effects on the individual and the society.
The drugs are pharmacologically based on their effect on the central nervous system, which consists of plant derivatives known as Opioid, such as morphine and its derivatives, such as heroin and codeine, as well as hashish, where we find many herbs and oil extracts from this plant species Kalmarguana and Banguo, and also the article coming to Sudan from the plateau Ethiopian, known as the Shashah.
In our country Sudan, especially the educational institutions represented by the Ministry of Education and other security agencies, all of its agencies are making efforts to address this scourge through social awareness and others, but we are more in need of the media environment to educate generations more effectively.