Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Terrific! The Electronic Blood Bank Is Founded!

It actually becomes a reality that the e-everything is a must; everything around us is totally dyed electronic

. The electronic bell was once a legend. It is now part of history, when it first appeared every Tom and Dick thought of it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was really thought of as something miraculous; even unequal, unusual, and unique legendary.
What really marks this age of technology is that: every sun rise comes with a new totally different new born of e-something. A birth that differs enormously from its predecessor both quantitatively and qualitatively, a difference that is always characterized by an e-something addition; electronic application to university intake, e-pilgrimage, e-learning, and of course the e-government that everybody is now talking about.
Alas!  The e-something is now a fashion. The letter - e- becomes very important in addition to it’s that great importance. It started to take the role of  a hat in a head; it has to cap many words to form that new fashion compound e-words.
At Open University of the Sudan, a number of workshops are held to activate their e-exams, the main course of this most reputable university in this scope. This university is actually a pioneering institution among all these institutions that practices this art of electronic examinations, and of course the whole units and sections of the university are rapidly heading towards electronic operations in all directions using in that the MOOCs and MOODLE system.
Every sun rise carries within its folds a new e-inventive creation. Laughably, I caught by chance a couple who were discussing the issue of e-meat. What on earth is that, I asked myself. In the end I came to know that their discussion was centered in cloned meat which is now sold side by side with that normal meat. Yes, this cloned meat is referred to as e-meat.
Funny still, is what we have read recently in our daily papers, in their mainsheet: An e-blood bank is founded. Very interesting! How does this bank handle its job? How does blood transfusion happen? Are the donators like those normal donators or are they e-donators? What about the blood type and sample! Is it also to be categorized as e-type and e- sample? Alas! We are living in the era of the e-word, the e- of everything. Oh my God! This gives me a severe headache. Have you an e- painkiller on you by chance! My head is killing me. This is in my opinion.