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Friday, 20 October 2017

Periscope: Realistic anti-Illegal Migration Strategy (4)

The failure of the present western powers strategy to combat illegal migration have witnessed a new failure

last week as it was revealed that migrants are now using new routes to go to Europe through Spain instead of Italy.
Many of the recent illegal migrants are mostly from Africa flying from their countries for economic reasons which make them illegible for asylum statues in the European Union (EU) countries.
What the EU and the USA don’t want to understand as a first step in realistically addressing the challenges of illegal migration that this are crises that they have created in the first place.
Africans had great dreams after the 1960s wave of independence but all these hopes and dreams have evaporated at the hand of the alliance of corrupt visionless national leaders and political elite in alliance with greedy multinational corporations. And since the main target was natural resources this led by far and large to depriving local people from their natural livelihood. One striking example in this context is what the Shell-BP Oil Company has done in the Niger Delta.
Also, European banks and in particular in Switzerland and England have encouraged corrupt rulers and politicians to rub their people by providing them with safe heavens for their illegal wealth. How is it possible that British banks accept deposits of millions of dollars from leaders who are well known for corruption unless it has the green light from the government.
What is comic is that while it is very easy for corrupt rulers and politicians to deposits billions in European banks attempts to reclaim these ill begotten deposits by national governments face hundreds of hazards. This clearly shows the collusion between these politicians, banks and multi nationals corporations.
This practices have made of any social economic development in Africa a mirage and with the increase in population and youth unemployment combined with absence of good governance, democracy and the wide spread of the violation of basic human rights, so the only alternative became migration to Europe by any mean, legal or illegal even if it meant death at the sea.
What added oil to the fire is the IMF and World Bank enforcement of policies that are anti poor and hampered national development and with its basic component ‘austerity measures” have stripped public services like education, health and drinking water from funds and so driven the rate of poverty.
These are the challenges that need to be studied and addressed effectively because any volume of sea blocks or surveillance or restrictions will not address the challenge of the source and so migration floods will continue.