Current Date:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Thanks to Allah: Tranquility

When you wake up in the morning, do your prayers. Done homework, prepare family matters. Then you head to your task

. Hoping to have successful day, full of profits; if you are a merchant, or achieved huge complements or an employee, the same farmer, labour, soldier, teacher, artist, signer. All walks of life, are seeking to have a nice day. Putting in mind dreaming of better future, for their families, all are starving to saturate their desires wishing the best for all that is life. Now the picture in seen before us, green yard, smiling faces, good dressing , taking different better ways to have the best shot. The infants are playing , adults are sitting, beside young are standing looking towards, the cameraman to have this memorized moments to be recorded. Suddenly a van plowed into the place, where people are enjoying their time, after a hard day full of heavy work!! The scene is horrible, you can’t imagine it, dead bodies, crying women men shouting, things scattered here and here, it is mess, chaos- disruption, every expression full of sorrows … angriness you say, the ground change into a battle war in hours, when, a lot of young chaps are singing, dancing, twisting, it is their right to have joy, to spend their time who knows they may not live tomorrow. Now is better to haven’t lost it. Enjoy your time, we are created to thank Allah through movements….words, happiness, sciences, all are ways to say many thanks to Allah, but we are annoyed by some people who have suspious ideas of teachings , those who believe in killing as a style of calling to their religion!! You are not right. I am sure of that, back to history, all prophets never said ; use swords to call for your believing!! Reality all religious have spread all over the world through goodness. High morals, governors as have standings others have got the same, don’t say mine in better than you… you aren’t creator, you are created … so do you invitations according to your believing. Let your behavior speak instead of you, really you will notice the difference.
Now the people are afraid of gatherings, moving at night , why because of those who break the law , the perpetrators who practice horrible acts, who terrify people, shedding bloods , not respecting humanity are law breakers , against stability how can you face population when you take power…. How can you convince them that you killed their lovers to step on their bodies to sit on throne, how can you reply? Be a shame of yourself It can’t be taken like that !! nowadays citizens are well aware of their rights most people are civilized..intelligent, smart. You can’t deceive them or even fraud others through tricks to have power !! they will not enforce your bad deeds , now people are going through history to read the past, they want to know how their grandfathers thoughts …how they lived , what most done at their times!! What is written at the walls … the messages they want us to have through pictures at graves, caves, monuments. They have left for us so many things to read. We are trying to dismantle their language. The archeologists are doing their best to solve the masteries..and you here now blow up everything… pretending of destroying the bad conduct of people or to have revenge over innocent ones….that or this never being good to you. Only way to face to say to talk to people know who you are, what  do you want? It is better than the coward way of killing !! if you see killing is a best way to spread your ideas. That means you are breaking the law, you are hitting badly stability, safety, communities and consienous never forgive you and law will hurt you to be an example for others. Humanity never accepts disorder, or harming people. All constitutions and laws all over the world are calling for peace, safety, through debate you fulfill your objectives.. if you are credit, honest convinced to others, if not you have to withdraw from the stage because you lost to attract people. Even through voting you are not going to gain supporters, why ! that due to your poor program, you are not up to date dreams. The way of show off, recently is not acceptable at modern societies…why because the people are open- minded, educated, they know who to choose and why, the way of passion or sympathy, here today is not his time, to take the people by spirit only without giving actual examples , is not going to be fruitful, man of today can’t be led through bombs , devastating , fear or killings. These ways never give it’s  right or a room in our souls.
Ya we are going to feel sorry for our lost lovers, but their sacrifices aren’t going to be forgotten. Look at Paris mishap , London incident, Berlin and now U.S.A the events have united people more and more they are looking forward always to catch you…deprive you off your mask to let the world know your real face!! More hatred now is going on through feelings Muslim and non-Muslim all against terrorism or trafficking drugs… we are all united to save our lives from killers ….those who fling stones at others must remember their houses are made of glass… it is enough of breaking laws, we should return to our wisdom, advice each other respectively not to scorn or look down folks.                      To have mercy on needy nations, to give help to those suffering of disasters. Solve problems , put off disputes, as a law man my telescope always bigger smalls. This   due to experience , you have to read what is beyond the accidents, it’s negatives, if exists or negatives are found, then you put your plan expecting or forecasting others to come. This the way of how to stop committing crimes , not to wait for them to happen , but to put precautions plans anticipating them to happen , according to available data you have.
Stability encourage scientist to invent good things to serve humanity. To give life sense of happiness… chaos gives misery, sadness and backward, the world has suffered from the bad outcomes of mess they are in imaginable numbers of defunct, huge tolls of injuries, uncounted of lost, it is better to take example of it so keep discipline, then after all this speeches, preaches at (Masgids) or Churches, or universities and school, even at open spaces from good people. Their major aim is to keep order, to advice people to love each other, to shun hatred, to try to strengthen social relations , not to dig out thing that may grow anger … the world is wide enough to accommodate us all, but we are in great need to love, it leads to safety, which gives stability to have the sense of tranquility.
So dears, do your best ..stand up don’t say this not my role, no its yours to share to participate even by word to stop a quarrel or sharp chat at a bus station when all roles integrated then progress come, oh that is a good smell to inhale, it healthy you then turn your head left or right you see the environment is nice, now children, are playing. Couples are sitting, lights are glimmering cheering here and there, no bomb only joy that is only my job to give you this lovely moments, enjoy it,  but please keep the place clean when you leave , others are going to come.    
I see… when discipline is on…. The world has become wonderful, full of happiness…. Smiles …. People are happy…. Safe …. Oh …. Allah keep our world leave in peace .. Amen