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Friday, 20 October 2017

Thanks to Allah: Natural Disasters

Last week before Eid Al Adha, I was sitting before my television; I want to tour round the world while I am sitting in my room with my family

. today’s grace to share everything that you have with others. It is also as Muslim it has an indication; and it is only one. That is the approaching of times means near ending of the world. It is true even to our popular proverb they say: talking with threats, travelling with houses. Is it the end? of the world. Al Sheikh Farah wad Taktouk, a Sudanese cleric. Said: that, and his saying in statement from Quran that means he sees with Allah eyes. it is hard may be difficult for non-believers to have such thing goes true. Because their back grounds are based on science merely worldly and They haven’t got the faculty of prudence or wisdom to tell over existence. What is round you, land, sky, rivers, birds, sun, moon, you yourself. Why do you look like this?, well, created and others are none. No equality in fates, some dies, other born, who make it, there should be a creator who organize the universe. But why the world being like this? That is a great question. But in some religions specially Islam, the reply lie there, which it to worship him, day by day and night, others I don’t know because I haven’t look or read theirs’ but as I see they believe in Allah worshipping him in different ways or another!! So, we agree in (fate) but what about his present!!
What made me talk much in the humanity sense, towards Texas city. I saw children, parents, houses destroyed, floods took any luggage before it, without  mercy, people are dying, struggling, moving rag tag looking for help. The way the hurricane came. Harvey is dreadful this time. It was heavy, merciless, but I admire the quick respond from the American government. People of the state have moved hastily to help each other through providing shelter, food, medicine and every need done at once. Even humanities are there. Also airplanes to spot people places. I am fond of the quick response from the state which it is available at a moment before the folks. The people have felt satisfied. The officials are much close to them. That ease the calamity, sow the dilemma is over. Now they are recovering, getting more strong than ever, to face disasters throw solidarity, coordination and unity, I really ask Allah to save you all mankind from disasters.
What admire me more and very more, the collective positive response from the other states, they donate by clothes, food, shoes, cosmetics, furniture ... all these donations beside the governmental ones are free. They are all collected in wide hall for the people to come and chose, what suit them. It is civilization, values when man is well bred, he grows up useful for himself and his society. I saw the ordinary man, quickly giving help, No hesitation, the problem, which faced me today, may be yours tomorrow. So, I have got mercy on you, saw I don’t stand away fromý you, humanity push all of us to say to American people specially those affected by hurricane, we are sorry for you our hearts and prayers are with you, we extend our condolences to those who lost their lovers and we ask Allah the Almighty to mercy you and help you. To overcome this natural disaster, now at different parts of the world, people are suffering from humorous things, diseases, wars, disputes, underdevelopment, but the battling is differ from nation to another.
Here awareness plays a major role in solving matters especially through sympathy and pitying when humans are educated, well trained to face problems. Surely they solve their differences through debate. even very complicated ones, when leaders look thoroughly through humanity grounds, definitely they correct matters. People live safely, The people must put general good before their eyes. Upper their hopes over the minorities and personal gains. Then things are going to end well, see matters also end pleasantly consequently, they do their best to work honestly for the common good,
without greed, selfishness, what push me to write this the deep understanding for the general matters and how officials are responding to it. that the sense which spread automatically among people when they say that their country is facing danger. The words say impression moving, full features all these sign give the population of every country to thier officials seriousness to solve or face problems.
Trust must be our title book to be red by our coming generations, our behaviors, conducts, actions, are going to be analyst by our sons, daughters, when they grow up.
So, do your best when you are working because your actions are words that are going to be red by your sons. be careful and don’t do anything that may hurt them. Now, in Sudan we have got also our own values and by the way the believing of values is one all over the world, because they are expressing people faiths towards honor, dignity, sacrifices, spirituals, you see worships seem comfortable when they speak, more facing risks why they back everything to Allah. But nonbelievers are always stranded, they do anything they haven’t got boundaries just moving: looking for happiness regardless of it nature or its legal or un legal bad or good just joy transfer pleasantness.
Due to this they are scattered so cruel between them no one trust other. Always, thinks of bad thoughts of others, believe less never feel reconcile with himself. So, you hear of suicides, killings escapes from reality, breathing after nothing just appetite to have it, drugs, searching for more spree. No saturation, then the end in nothing, ashes. I feel sorry for some bad things which are running on between people pessimistic, have taken, vast places in our souls. Most people have become fatigue of over whelmed frustrations, world of today in dominated by materials and materialist. Majority are racing to have money by hook or grook!! But Allah through his power awake us through nature, innovations, history, time of today is the example for tomorrow. Therefore, humanity remains the only natural tie between people. To feel of others sorrows to stand by them. Even by words narrow distances between them have mercy on each other.
The spread fear of tomorrow, Is covering our sense, all nations are running towards the possessing arsenals for what… they say to protect their population from enemies. How are the enemies of today? It is greediness… selfishness… that emanated from empty spiritual which lead to have no mercy on others, forgetting the target of your being.
When day we are going to pass away… do you thing that you are going to live forever? You are wrong believe me… it is just a new page of another world where you are going to read what you have done already when you are alive, so depend on accounts and accountability… prepare yourself for that coming action…