Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

British Educational Schools/IGCSE Section, Launches Final Round of 4th National Spelling Bee Competition (2017)

A spelling Bee is an academic programme that promotes lifelong literacy and learning for students. It also encourages children to develop

their reading and writing skills in addition to developing their poise for public speaking.
18 out of 28 Schools Compete in the final round

1. To demonstrate to the community the importance of spelling in Sudan.
2. To encourage students to learn new words and to celebrate their success.
3. To recognize academic efforts of young children.
4. To encourage interaction between schools in the community.
5. To expand student vocabulary and encourage accurate word usage and pronunciation.
6. To improve the sills associated with good spelling habits

Sudan Vision attended part of the final round and was briefed by the Principal of British Educational Schools in Khartoum, Mr. Mutasim Zarroug  who said that this round is the 4th, adding that the first round was participated by only 13 schools, but this time 28 schools participated out of which 18 schools are qualified to the compete internationally, affirming that the organizing parties of the competition are endevouring to promote the idea to make it international through cooperation with the British Council with its centres all over the African continent.
Zarroug added that the schools were divided into four groups and each groups provided that each competitor knows the spelling of approximately 1200 words. He affirmed that in case the competitors score the same points, then the organizing committee will choose a random word from the dictionary for the competitors and those who give the correct answer will be considered as the winners.
On the sidelines of the ceremony, it was agreed in principle to initiate a prize by the British Educational Schools and Sudan Vision to be awarded to the winners in the upcoming rounds.