Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Global Aid Hand Organization Succeeds in Establishing Peaceful Coexistence between Misseiriya and the Dinka Ngok in Abyei

By the initiative and supervision of the Global Aid Hand Organization and support of the American people through the United States Agency

for International Development, the Misseiriya and Dinka Ngok tribes in Abyei signed a peaceful coexistence agreement, where the two sides agreed at the closing session of the peaceful community dialogue workshop at the headquarters of the UN  peacekeeping mission in Abyei UNISFA in the Blaiel area at the end of the week, where the two sides agreed to renounce violence and maintaining peace.
Local leaders in the area described the agreement as a safety valve for community peace, praising the role of the organization, which initiated and supervised the work of peaceful community dialogue. The workshop sessions witnessed extensive participation by both parties.
Representative of the Misseiriya, Mohammed Omer Al-Ansari expressed his tribe's welcome to the principle of dialogue in the search for peaceful coexistence between the population group of Abyei, pointing out that they extend their hands to the Dinka Ngok for security and stability, indicating that the solution lies in the consensus of the real interest to coexist in peace, while Sultan Makwaj Deng, representative of Dinka Ngok agreed with him, calling for the need to maintain coexistence and peace-building dialogue to achieve the desired ends.
The organization, which oversees the activities of the forum, was keen to highlight the values ??of tolerance and peaceful coexistence through the slogans of the forum. The document signed by the two sides stressed the strengthening of the relationship and trust between the parties.
Presenters of the three papers from the Office of Development Services Partners urged the parties to maintain their previous agreements, maintain peace and focus on moving towards peaceful coexistence between the two communities.
The first paper presented by Dr. Abdul Majeed Ahmed called for directing natural resources towards development, as resources are the basis of economic and social development, while Dr. Jadallah Al-Radi discussed in his paper the peaceful coexistence between the Misseiriya and Denka Ngok communities in Abyei area and to find solutions to outstanding issues, while the peace markets paper (Al-Salam markets) in Abyei area, presented by Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassab Omer, confirmed that the peace markets could play additional roles in building social peace between the two groups and enhancing the ability of the two countries to overcome the dilemma of war through direct popular diplomacy
Director General of Global Aid Hand, Ismail Mohamed Hajana described the agreement as historical, praising the conciliatory spirit that prevailed in the dialogue, pointing out that the agreement will push the peace process forward in Abyei, saying that the workshop aimed to create a spirit of coexistence between the two parties.
On the other hand, UNISFA have revealed efforts to develop peacekeeping mechanisms in the area, stressing their keenness to abide by the mandate granted to them by the UN authorities.
In his address to the conclusion of the peaceful community dialogue between the Misseiriya and the Ngok Dinka, the UNISFA commander called on native leaders to support the peace process in the area, calling on the two parties to preserve the social fabric and peaceful coexistence.
At the end of the forum, the organization honored the leaders of the two tribes, as well as a number of participants who contributed to the success of the forum.