Current Date:

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

TIKA President Dr. Serdar GAM and His Wife Mrs Lutfiye Selva GAM Visit Sudan

Khartoum - TIKA President Dr. Serdar GAM and his wife Mrs Lutfiye Selva GAM who is Member of Parliament

and AK Party Women Relations President, have made a 3-day visit to Sudan. On occasion of their visit they attended inauguration ceremony of TIKA Khartoum Vocational Training Centre in the presence of Minister of Khartoum State, Dr. Jafar Abdallah and his wife.
Dr. Gam and his wife have attended Eid Al-Adha ceremony at the International University of Africa and were received by the University Vice Chancellor Dr. Kamal Obeid who said that the visit to contribute in promoting the relations between Turkey and Sudan, adding that this will be an opportunity to establish strong relations between the University and TIKA.
For their part, Dr. Gam and Mrs. Gam have made a site visit to Red Sea state for restoration projects in Sawakin Island, Port Sudan.
They were warmly welcomed by the governor of the State, Ali Ahmed Hamid and made official discussion between the official of the state government and TIKA officials.
It is to be noted that since 2006 TIKA (Khartoum Office) has been serving to Sudan e.g. 150 bedded Nyala hospital, midwifery School of Khartoum, Vocational Training Centre, animal Husbandry and Insemination Centre at Managil (Gezira State), agricultural/animal/poultry projects, capacity building projects of various areas, water sanitation and water wells,  empowering women skills, to make friendly bridge of technical assistance between Turkey and Sudan.
The head of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Office (TIKA) in Sudan Celalettin GUNGENCI said that Turkey and Sudan are close friend in different fields, affirming that TIKA is affiliated to the Turkish Ministers Council, has been operating in Sudan since 2006.
TIKA has established high quality Nyala Hospital, which provided medical treatment to more 120,000 patients in addition TOT Center in the town of Halfaya, which helped trained 1000 trainees in different fields; besides other services to Omdurman Midwifery School. 
He revealed that TIKA is braced to dispatch as many as 11 midwifery students to Turkey for a one-year-program study in addition to training to the leaders of East Darfur, ten of them in Turkey at the expense of TIKA and the other ten in Khartoum; in addition to 10 trainees from Djibouti on cooling, furniture, and computer.
He added that the center will provide training to women in tailoring and textile works after the opening of the section by the wife of TIKA Manager to help increase the income of Sudanese women and make them more productive.
Besides training 10 doctors in Turkey, TIKA continues its projects across the states of Sudan to cement mutual ties between the two countries, citing that the visit by the Manager of TIKA and his wife to Khartoum came within the framework of strengthening such relations and inspecting projects the organization is carrying out such as the rehabilitation of Suakin Island Project in Red Sea state and the inauguration of Textile Section in Halfaya. 
During his visit, the manager conveyed the greetings of the Turkish President Reccep Tayeb Erdogan to the Sudanese people. He noted that the TIKA will spare no pain to ensure the projects it is implementing in Sudan are successful and bear fruits, adding that its forthcoming programs include rehabilitation to Sultan Ali Dinar Palace in North Darfur capital city El-Fashir in addition to new projects in the fields of education, health and water.
As for agricultural programs, TIKA has supplied seeds and farming equipment to Darfur states this year as well as the states of Gezira and Sennar in the benefit of 400000 farmers in Sudan. It is worth noting that TIKA also support the Artificial Fertilization Center in Managil, Gezira.