Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

116 Hands against Small Piece of Cake!!

President of the Republic, Omer Al Bashir said, while addressing the inaugural session of the NCP Youth Conference

, said that the new government is supposed to accommodate 116 political parties.
Few weeks ago, Al Bashir testified that the power cake is small and the hands are many which make it impossible for participants in the national dialogue process to get piece of power-share cake.
It is apparent that those 116 political forces remained for three years in continuous meetings at the Friendship Hall just to get its share from the remaining 50% of the power-share which the ruling party waived.
116 political forces are now surrounding that small piece of power-share cake without any considering the challenge facing the Presidency in its attempt to satisfy this huge number of parties.
It is true that the President affirmed several times that the national dialogue is not meant for power-share and that the standards of selecting the officials in the upcoming government will be in accordance to qualifications and not  to satisfy this party or that; but in reality this does not exist.
General reading to the statements of the figures who were meeting in the Friendship Hall reveals that they are representing their parties just to find ministerial and constitutional positions in the proposed national accord government without any studies manifesto or plans to bring Sudan out of its crisis.
I believe that many of those who were meeting at the Friendship Hall were serving their personal interests, and that is clear in their calls for increasing their incentives and per diem during the sessions.
It was not a wise idea for most of those 116 political forces to waste three years in search for a piece in the power-cake.
Those parties should consider that 2020 is inching where the elections will take place and then each party will know exactly its weight according to which the power-share cake could be divided.
Let us wait for 2020 to see.