Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

War on Drugs

According to news articles the concerned authorities managed to seize ONE MILLION Tramadol tablets

First of all the concerned department in the police authorities should be commended for its efforts in this regard; but what is annoying is that the civil society organizations including the National Drugs Control Council are just watching the success of the police authorities in seizing those huge quantities without any initiative of awareness to show the risks of such drugs in the health and to stop its spread among the communities.
It is apparent that there is no coordination in this regard and this has its negative impact on the anti-drugs efforts.
Three years ago President Al Bashir directed the establishment of Anti-drugs Supreme Council, but unfortunately up to this moment the council not even one step was taken to form the proposed council.
Some time ago, the Anti-narcotics Department at the Sudanese Ministry of Interior revealed considerable increase of the percentage of the users of Bango especially in Khartoum State which is very worrying and requires comprehensive review of the situation.
The data showed that the majority of users are young adults and students and that necessitates ringing the alarm bell.
According to the information revealed the consumption among the students this year is triplicate the amount consumed last year with Khartoum state consuming two thirds of the supplied quantity.
The quantities seized by police authorities are six times more than last year's quantities as it raised from 6 tons last year to 365 tons this year.
Such sudden rise in the quantities seized may be due to the strict measures taken by the concerned authorities; but despite that the above figures proves that there is a big increase in consumption by all standards.
We are facing a phenomenon which will have its destructive impact on our youth if we allow for its escalation, especially when we know that the information revealed pointed to the spread of drugs among the students, a matter that requires ringing an early alarm bell for the society to confront such great danger.
Imposing the laws and punishments will not stop the smuggling of the drugs including the Tramadol or its consumption.
The issue requires social and professional efforts from psychologists and religion scholars through launching continuous awareness campaigns and early psychological treatment before it is too late.
The Students' and Youths' organizations are urged to be in the frontlines in the war on drugs through close follow-up and awareness.
The society in general should give this issue the deserved concern and the civil society organizations are expected to form voluntary committees and groups to organize awareness campaigns and provide the youths with activities and hobbies that fill their leisure to avoid falling in his danger.
The school has its crucial role as the teachers have their derived capabilities in dealing with students.
There are some efforts from civil society organizations and rehabilitation centres besides other efforts in the establishment of the Anti-drugs Supreme Council and activating the official mechanisms working in this field.
To sum it up we say that the issue could only be dealt with through a framework of social move to be participated by all categories of the community especially the families, schools, psychologists and civil society organizations.
The media should not only publish the news on the issue, but should take further steps in organizing forums and conducting investigative reports to reflect the risks of the drugs as this will help the concerned experts in working out the appropriate plans  on the issue.